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Remote Console Available in vRealize Automation Cloud


In our latest release of capabilities with vRealize Automation Cloud we have introduced a feature that was once only available in our on-premise vRealize Automation solution. This is the ability to console into vSphere deployed virtual machines directly from vRealize Automation Cloud. This capability allows you to give uses of vRealize Automation Cloud access to console into their deployed workloads in vSphere without having to give them direct access to vCenter. A great way to provide full access but keep governance and security controls in your environment. Below I will walk through on how to use remote console for vRealize Automation Cloud.


Where to Access the Remote Console:

The new remote console in vRealize Automation Cloud can be accessed from the deployment details screen from either Service Broker or Cloud Assembly. First click on the Deployment tab in either service and then select the specific vSphere deployment that hosts the virtual machine you want to access.


Once on the deployment details screen, make sure you are on the topology tab, then select the virtual machine object from the diagram, and select “Connect to Remote Console” from the Actions drop down menu.


Then you are off to the races consoled into you virtual machine.


There are a couple caveats to using remote console:

  • You must have network access to the vSphere infrastructure that the virtual machine is hosted.
  • If you are using self-signed certificates you will need to accept the certificate using the below warning message:

For additional information about requirements needed for the Remote Console feature to work in your environment see the documentation here.



Now with Remote Console access directly for vRealize Automation Cloud you can give your customers everything they need to deploy and manage their workloads without giving them direct access to vCenter.



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