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Where is Operations Management at VMworld 2019 US?

Get the news. Spread the word. And make your mark!  Have you read the news about VMware operations management in our nicely detailed announcement blog?  The release is HUGE!  So you might be asking yourself, “What is the 1000-foot level news and in which sessions can I get the details?”  This way when you return to the office, you can spread the word to co-workers and – flush with details – make your mark within your organization.


vRealize Operations 8.0 and vRealize Operations Cloud (new)

  • Deliver AI/ML-based, self-driving hybrid cloud operations management with multi-cloud monitoring.
  • Preview of the new SaaS product, VMware vRealize Operations Cloud.
  • Expanded capacity and cost for HCI and VMware Cloud on AWS.
  • New Troubleshooting Workbench feature that provides ML-driven anomaly detection, combining anomalous metrics, events and properties with full stack visibility.
  • And more!

vRealize Network Insight 5.0 and vRealize Network Insight Cloud

  • Extending network visibility and management from the data center to the cloud, and now to the branch with our VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud integration.
  • Support for Microsoft Azure.
  • Support for containers.
  • Deeper integration with VMware Cloud on AWS.

vRealize Log Insight 8.0 and vRealize Log Insight Cloud

  • Enterprise readiness with Photon OS, Certificate Management, IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack risk-based support, ​and increased log export of <20K.



With these new capabilities, it makes VMworld 2019 US even more exciting. You haven’t lived if you haven’t attended an Operations Management session at VMworld. Now is the time to update your VMworld content calendar and join these breakout sessions to hear the deep dive details about all the new self-driving operations capabilities.


Self-Driving Operations Sessions

Monday, August 26

  • HBO1180BU –The Big Ticket: What’s New in vRealize Operations
  • HBO1649BU –Guardians of the Gadgetry: Monitoring best practices with vRealize Ops
  • HBO1181BU –Monitor All The Things! Application Monitoring with vRealize Operations
  • HCI1620BU – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for HCI: Where We’re Going
  • MLA2021BU – Realize Your Self-Aware Hybrid Cloud with Machine Learning

Tuesday, August 27

  • HBO1138BU –Yes, Mr. CFO, IT is Expensive – Here’s Why and What YOU Can Do About It: Cost Analysis with vRealize Operations
  • HBO2114BU –Customer Use Cases – Hybrid Cloud
  • HCI1981BU – Modernize Your HCI Datacenter with vRealize Operations and vSAN
  • HBI1158BU – vRealize Operations for Cloud Providers
  • HBO1183BU –Introducing vRealize Operations as a Service (NEW SESSION)

Wednesday, August 28

  • HBO1633PU –Tales from the Trenches: Realizing the full value of self-driving operations
  • HBO1136BU –It’s Not 2005 Anymore, Stop Using Excel for Capacity Management: Capacity Planning with vRealize Operations
  • HBO1094BU –Optimize Workloads for Cost, Perf and Compliance with vRealize Operations
  • HBO1139BU –You Get a Cloud, and You Get a Cloud and YOU Get a Cloud! Monitoring all the clouds with vRealize Operations
  • HCI1650BU – Optimize vSAN performance using vRealize Operations and Reinforcement Learning
  • HCI1339BU – vSAN Administration Optimized Through vRealize Operations and Log Insight
  • HBI1448BU – VMware Cloud Foundation & vRealize Suite: Better together

Thursday, August 29

  • HCI1210BU – Current and Future of vSAN Operations with vRealize Operations
  • HBI1652BU – Troubleshooting VMware Cloud on AWS & NSX-T
  • MCO2435BU – Keep Track of Your Costs, It’s Imperative and Good for your Health


vRealize Network Insight Sessions

Monday, August 26

  • CNET1960BU – vRealize Network Insight: Optimize & troubleshoot apps across NSX DC & SD-WAN

Tuesday, August 27

  • HBO1689BU –Get more Insight into your Network with vRealize Network Insight!
  • CNET1692BU – What’s New with vRealize Network Insight?

Wednesday, August 28

  • CNET1976PU – vRealize Network Insight: Hear from the customers

Thursday, August 29

  • HBI1586BU – Network Insight, Can You Quickly Help Me Migrate to VMC?


If you’re not at VMworld 2019 US, you can get started in these ways: