Birthdays are great opportunities for reflection.

It’s often enlightening to look back on the last year (or five, or ten, or 20) and see just how much we’ve grown. How about you – where were you last year? How about ten years ago? How have your surroundings, your goals, and your priorities changed since then?

As VMware turns 21 this year, it’s especially enlightening to look back on the last several years for Cloud Management and vRealize Operations. From the early days of vCenter Operations Manager, to the “Intelligent Operations” days of vRealize Operations 6.0-6.6, to today’s Self-Driving Operations reality – we’ve certainly come a long way!

We’re so proud, in fact, of the continuous performance optimization, efficient capacity management, intelligent remediation, and integrated compliance in vRealize Operations today that we’re gifting a variety of opportunities to maximize your investment in operations management with some huge upgrade promotions.


A quick word about vSphere with Operations Management, or “vSOM”: If you’ve purchased vSOM before, it’s likely now represented as two separate licenses for its component pieces of vSphere ENT+ and vRealize Operations Standard in your My VMware portal.

Most of these promotions below offer an easy step-up from vRealize Operations Standard to vRealize Operations Advanced or vRealize Suite Standard, which offer the meat of the self-driving, “entire SDDC” features that encapsulate “Self-Driving Operations.” However – if you were a vSOM customer and simply want to keep managing your vSphere environment, and nothing else – you can very much continue to do so using vRealize Operations Standard, which remains the gold standard for simply monitoring and managing vSphere performance, capacity, and remediation. Check out exactly what each edition of vRealize Operations provides here.

On the other hand, a lot of our customers might want to use a single management tool for their entire SDDC environment (not just vSphere). Accordingly, let’s look at a few common scenarios.


1. You had vSphere with Operations Management (“vSOM”) and/or you have vRealize Operations Standard today, and you want to…
     …automate more of your infrastructure management. OR,
     …plan datacenter modernization or cloud migration. OR,
     …manage vSphere and other datacenter components (physical infrastructure, vSAN, VMC on AWS, etc) with a single tool.

vRealize Operations Standard is THE management tool for vSphere-only environments, but vRealize Operations Advanced really takes your operations management to the next level.

Upgrading to vRealize Operations Advanced (also included in vRealize Suite Standard) gives you all of the above, and today you can upgrade at up to 65% off.* Check out more details at the promo landing page, and review this really excellent technical overview of what all you get by upgrading to vRealize Operations Advanced.


vRealize Operations Upgrade Promo
vRealize Operations Upgrade

*Featured vRealize Operations upgrade is valid for 65% off if done in tandem with 50% off upgrade from vSphere ENT+ to vSphere Platinum. If done alone, featured vRealize Operations Upgrade is 50% off.


2. You want the very best of breed in security and management for your infrastructure and applications.

vCloud Suite Platinum brings together VMware vSphere Platinum, the world’s leading compute virtualization platform, and the industry-leading vRealize Suite cloud management platform (all editions of which contain at least vRealize Operations Advanced). By bringing together advanced security capabilities fully integrated into the world’s most comprehensive cloud management platform, enterprises have an easy way to on-board to cloud with enhanced security and consistent operations across clouds, supporting secure application innovation.

You can upgrade straight from vSphere ENT+ into vCloud Suite Platinum at 50% off the upgrade to vSphere Platinum for vCloud Suite Platinum and start building, deploying, and managing secure applications across private, hybrid, and public clouds today.


vCloud Suite Platinum Upgrade Promo


3. You’re buying vSphere for the first time, or just want to expand your vSphere footprint.

Whether it’s spreadsheets or a gaggle of several different tools, your business is using something to manage its IT operations. However, few management tools can offer apps-to-infrastructure observability and management across multiple clouds that vRealize Operations can. Instead of investing in your private cloud and figuring out management piecemeal, start with vCloud Suite to efficiently bundle virtualization with vRealize Operations self-driving management in one tightly integrated package.

And whether you’re buying management for the first time, upgrading your management tool or simply expanding, consider the extended visibility of full stack monitoring with our new promotional suites – vRealize Suite Standard with Extensibility, and vCloud Suite Standard with Extensibility.

These “extended” suite editions provide the fully extended insight of full-stack monitoring – now including vRealize Suite and Blue Medora True Visibility Suite Advanced management packs together in a single bundle – for compute, storage, networking, HCI, virtualization, container, and cloud to fully extend vRealize into your unique environment.


vRealize Suite Standard with Extensibility


Of course, if you’re wanting to add management to your existing vSphere footprint, then vRealize Suite Standard with Extensibility (above) is best – and you can even upgrade from vRealize Operations Standard (which again includes vSOM customers!) at 50% off.

If you’re wanting to buy new hypervisor units with fully extended management attached, then vCloud Suite Standard with Extensibility (below) makes the most sense.


vCloud Suite Standard with Extensibility


If you already have vRealize Operations Advanced or vCloud/vRealize Suite, you can also take advantage of Blue Medora’s 50% promotion on True Visibility Suite Advanced to extend vRealize Operations Advanced and above.


We’re really, really proud of the effort and advancements that have been made in vRealize Operations in the last couple years especially, and if you haven’t had the chance to evaluate the latest in vRealize Operations as the single management tool for your entire SDDC – from applications to infrastructure and across multiple clouds – well, let’s just say that although we’re thankful for our teen years, we’ve grown up quite a bit.

Download a free trial, contact a sales team member, or just read more about all these promotions on our overflowing promo page.

Oh, and stay tuned for vRealize Operations 7.5.



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