Cloud Assembly now includes integration with Infoblox IPAM solutions within your environment.  The IPAM feature is currently in beta and is fully accessible for use.  Once the integration configuration is complete, you are able to provision IP addresses using defined networks in Infoblox.  Assigned IP ranges from Infoblox are added and made available for deployments through the Cloud Assembly network profiles.  Infoblox IP assignment configuration in the Cloud Assembly network profile is similar to the built-in IPAM configuration.  If you’re familiar with configuring IP ranges in network profiles, the external IPAM process will be an easy transition.

IP assignment type and specific IP addresses are defined within the Cloud Assembly blueprint.  Machines deployed from Cloud Assembly will have a MAC address, and IP statically or dynamically assigned.  All of these configurations are tracked within Infoblox.  IP range details are also tracked within Cloud Assembly Resources -> Networks following deployment.  Additionally, Cloud Assembly will update DNS records in Infoblox with the machine name created during the deployment.  Once a deployment is deleted from Cloud Assembly, the IP allocation and DNS record is removed from Infoblox.



Navigate to Infrastructure -> Integrations -> IPAM to configure Infoblox within Cloud Assembly



With the addition of external IPAM support, Cloud Assembly now offers powerful IP address management for your compute and networking deployments.  For a deeper dive into our IPAM integrations with Infoblox, take a look at this whitepaper from our Engineering team.