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Building Pipelines – Code Stream Tricks Volume 1

vRealize Automation Cloud has totally redesigned Code Stream from the ground up. Significant improvements to usability have been introduced as well as a lot of new capabilities! In the video below, I’ll take you on a tour of some of my favorite pipeline tips and tricks using Code Stream.

What Will We See?

In this video, we focus on a few specific learnings…

Accessing Output Properties

Did you know that Code Stream has an easy way to access the output properties of a deployment, whether its against Cloud Assembly, or a Kubernetes Cluster (or many others for that matter…)? You absolutely can – I’ll show you how to access the “Output JSON” UI, and easily grab the properties to use in otherr pipeline tasks!

Integrated Variable Store

Code Stream has a bult in variable store for storing commonly used values. These can be stored as secrets, restricted, or regular properties. I’ll take you through storing these values in the variable store – and how I use them across a few pipelines.

Webhook Based Notifications

We have a built-in notification engine that allows you to send messages out during individual tasks in Code Stream. This can take a webhook as the notification mechanism, allowing you to easily integrate with a platform like Slack.

Continuous Integration / Workspace “Builder”

Code Stream can leverage docker as a part of your pipeline, to deploy a container that the pipeline will use for interactions with that pipeline. This opens up the ability to clone Git repo’s and execute code, or leverage a set of specific CLI tools to complete a task (i.e. copy files to an S3 bucket using AWS CLI).

Wrapping Up

These tips should help you in getting started with building interesting pipelines that can deliver services across not just traditional platforms like Kubernetes – but also using infrastructure delivered via Cloud Assembly. Are you interested in seeing more? Take a look at the VMware Hands-On Labs or sign up for a trial at


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