Another new webcast is now available for replay in “Getting More out of…” (GMOO) series: What’s New in VMware vRealize Network Insight 4.1. This webcast is ready for you at the GMOO portal. In this technical session you will learn about the powerful new features of vRealize Network Insight 4.1. Our network management experts will run live product demos to show you how to discover applications via ServiceNow integration or the new application discovery wizard, troubleshoot with application specific dashboards and workflows, new options for supporting and visualizing your PKS/containers, understanding F5 flows and much more!

Here are some of the new features of vRealize Network Insight that the webcast will cover:

  • Discovery based on vCenter Custom Attributes and AWS Tags, e.g. tag key “App” value defines Application Name and tag key “Tier” values defines tier name
  • Discovery based on VM or AWS EC2 instance naming schema
  • Pull CI data from ServcieNow
  • Application-focused dashboards

Here is the quick agenda:

  • ​Application Discovery (New!)
  • ​Data Sources (F5 LB, Huawei) (New!)
  • ​AWS Improvements
  • ​Network Insight as a Service Improvements
  • ​Kubernetes & VMware Enterprise PKS (New!)
  • ​Usability Improvements

This webcast has been presented by Martihn Smit (@smitmartijn) and Matt Just (@H1_TEK_Matt), the VMware network management experts

Listen to this webcast on-demand at the Getting More out of… vRealize portal!



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