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Cloud Assembly – Ansible Integration Video

A little ways back, we introduced the capability of integrating with Ansible in Cloud Assembly. It’s been a few months since that functionality was added and there’s been a lot of excitement around the different ways it could be used to deliver applications and platform level configurations from your blueprints. I thought I’d throw together a quick tour video of the capability, and answer a few questions around how you can quickly get started using Ansible in Cloud Automation Services

Using this integration allows us to deliver playbooks as part of our Cloud Assembly blueprints. You can see an image of what this blueprint might look like below.

In this blueprint, we are adding 2 nodes to different groups in Ansible, and applying a specific playbook to each group. We’re leveraging the native host file that lives on the control machine. This native integration handles all group additions and removals as part of the provisioning and deprovisioning process – so you don’t have to worry about it.

If you wish, you can still manually log into the control host and leverage it for remote playbook execution.

Wrapping Up

There’s much more to come from an integration perspective, and even the existing Ansible integration is going to continue to be enhanced with new capabilities! Stay tuned to for more on this.

Interested in seeing more live? Sign up for a trial or take a look at the VMware Hands on Labs!


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