Cloud Automation Services (CAS) continues to drive new feature and capabilities that improve, simplify, and enhance the user experience.  As you all know CAS consists of 3 services, Cloud Assembly, Service Broker, and Code Stream.  Let’s touch on a new enhancement capability – Resource Tagging.


Resource Tagging


When creating or modifying a Project in Cloud Assembly, you can now specify resource tags.  By doing so, any private or public cloud resources created part of this Project will now have the tag(s) applied.  Great!



Now once I deploy a catalog item, I can go to the details of that deployment and see the tag.



Why is this a cool feature?  Now you can easily filter on the resources using the tag(s).  In the below example, I’m looking at the Machine Resource type in Cloud Assembly, and I’m filtering on the Resource Tag I created.  I can see that I only have one machine currently with this tag.  Another use case is if the resources that are being created land on vSphere, they will have the associated tag(s), which then opens up other possibilities for VI Admins.



Small enhancement that improves the consumer experience.  Enjoy!


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