Technical Content is King

Every Monday I have a two hour training session for our field team, we have the top product and service people in the company come and talk about new features, interesting use cases, and even solutions to some pretty complex problems. In addition to having some of our experts show us how to get the most out of the new features in vRealize products, we also get the people who are the most familiar with the product showing us all kinds of tips and tricks, new uses and integrations for our technology. This has become one of the most popular and informative webinars in the company, and it actually makes people look forward to waking up early on a Monday.


Demos and “How To” Direct from our Experts

One day at our regular review, my boss says, “Hey Anders, wouldn’t it be great if we could create videos like this for the public, have our experts do “how to” videos and technical deep dives, but for EVERYBODY?” Great idea! (that’s why he is the boss!) So to get started, we pulled together a playlist of some of the best vRealize Operations “how-to” videos, and made it available for everybody. Think of this as a depository of free training on our products and services, direct from the experts. Zero marketing, all demos you can get up and running very quickly.

So head on over to YouTube and see what our experts have going on, and subscribe to the “How do I vRealize?” channel for future updates and product categories.


how do i vrealzie operations


How You Can Contribute and Become Famous

While these videos have all been contributed by our VMware experts, in the near future we might even be asking you, the public to contribute some of your own tips and tricks with vRealize products (hint..hint..). Those of you who have hands-on experience with vRealize will be able to share your knowledge with the broader community, and gain respect and admiration of your colleagues (and bosses!). We will be announcing some interesting programs around this initiatives – so stay tuned, and start recording your interesting videos in the meantime. Use those that are posted now as examples.

Subscribe to the “How do I vRealize?” channel for future updates and product categories.