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Cloud Assembly Micro Feature – Code View

One of the major benefits of VMware Cloud Automation Services is that it’s hosted in SaaS. As we create enhancements for the platform, we can quickly get those features in front of you much faster. Some of those features are larger capabilities that are added to the product, however, there are many “smaller” features that get pushed in all the time!

This month, our User Interface and Experience team has added a full screen Code View to Cloud Assembly!

By simply selecting the highlighted button within Cloud Assembly – we shrink away the Blueprint Design Canvas and enlarge the code view to full screen.

Why Is This Important?
With Cloud-Init being a first class citizen in Cloud Assembly, it’s very easy to get to a place where you are building such a complex blueprint. These blueprints can quickly have youtyping beyond the borders of the default code view. Yes, you could “click and drag” the window larger, however, many customers have requested the ability to view the code panel in a full screen mode. This gives the IDE experience directly within Cloud Assembly!

You asked, we delivered! Enjoy!

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