One of our missions at VMware is to provide the best in class private and multi-cloud management platform on the market. Having an easy to use, developer-ready, and quick time to value platform for automation is a critical factor to delivering services to your ever growing business. vRealize Automation is the flagship component for automation in the vRealize Suite of solutions. In this blog we will discuss some of the great capabilities being released in vRealize Automation 7.6.


NSX Integrations:


Associate NSX-T and NSX-V Per Cluster:

You can now configure NSX-T and NSX-V to a single vCenter endpoint in vRealize Automation. This feature allows you to associate different NSX versions to specific clusters under a single vCenter.

You can then can select the cluster based on the specific version of NSX you would like the reservation to be associated.


On-Demand Private Network Support:

Create private networks on-demand networks within vRealize Automation. This is a useful feature when you need to create a highly secured non-routable network segment as a part of a blueprint.


vRealize Orchestrator User Experience:


HTML 5 Client Enhancements:

Build, Import, Debug, and Execute workflows from the enhanced HTML 5 interface. Full vRealize Orchestrator functionality is available in the HTML 5 user interface!! You can also compare and restore different versions of the same workflow side by side within the new HTML 5 interface.

There are also enhanced dashboards and improvements in workflow troubleshooting with statistics on the performance of the different process within the workflow.


Enhancements to Custom Forms:

There are several new widgets available in the custom forms creation canvas. Highlighted above is the Dual List selector. This is a great widget for making selections for items from a large list to a consolidated list. There is also a Multi Value Picker and Link widgets to enhance your custom forms to make request resources very intuitive and easy for your customers.

Lastly, there is support for regular expressions in the data grid widget in customs forms. This is very useful when needing to filter down the data you would like to present to the requestor at request time.



As you can see there are some great new features and capabilities being released with vRealize Automation 7.6. We hope you will find these additions useful in building your automation landscape.







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