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What’s New in vRealize Automation 7.6 and vRealize Lifecycle Manager 2.1

Today we are excited to announce the upcoming release of vRealize Automation 7.6 and vRealize Lifecycle Manager 2.1, which continue to refine and enhance ease of use of our Cloud Management Platform and its integration with the broader SDDC.


What’s new in vRealize Automation 7.6

In this release of vRealize Automation, we are enhancing the integration and management of VMware SDDC with our Cloud Management Platform (CMP).

  • NSX Integration – customers can now configure both NSX-T and NSX-V for different clusters on a single vCenter Server. We are also adding support for on-demand private networking.
  • vRealize Orchestrator User Experience – with this release we are enhancing the user experience for customers using the vRealize Orchestrator UI for workflow management. This includes additional functionality such as Design, Run, Content Management and Troubleshooting.


What’s new in vRealize Lifecycle Manager 2.1

In this release we continue with our vision to make the hybrid cloud easy, and more specifically, make the vRealize Suite management easier.  As a reminder, vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager delivers lifecycle and content management for vRealize Suite. With this release, we are adding functionality across the different aspect of vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager, including

  • VMware Validated Designs template installation
  • Granular deployment options
  • Multi-content capture
  • vIDM lifecycle management
  • Additional enhancements for better user experience


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