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London Welcomes vRealize Automation Cloud

We are proud to announce our new hosting region in London! London will be our first European hosting region and it is a major milestone in helping our European customers evolve their cloud strategy. Stay tuned as we expand to more regions across the globe aiming to serve our customers where they most need us.

vRealize Automation Cloud is comprised of three services:

  • Service Broker provides a self-service interface between the consumption and the administrative layers. It aggregates services and templates from multiple platforms and enables flexible governance with team and user-based policies.
  • Cloud Assembly is the automation engine: It’s where all your cloud accounts are connected to assemble cloud agnostic or cloud specific templates in a declarative, infrastructure-as code editor or a slick, drag-and-drop UI.
  • Finally, Code Stream is the infrastructure and application release pipeline. For customers in their DevOps journey, it provides a frustration-free continuous integration, continuous delivery experience. Unlike common CI tools, Code Stream provides a combination of easier modeling with OOTB integrations, dashboards, container deployments and smart templates (canary, blue-green, automated rollback),

Combined, they help you simplify your cloud experience by abstracting the underlying complexity. We provide the solid, digital foundation with consistent operations across any cloud to let you focus on what’s important: transforming your business.

We have come a long way since September, when we made vRealize Automation Cloud Initially Available. We have been continuously evolving our offering to cover the growing, multi-cloud automation needs of our customers – in true SaaS fashion. Just during March, we have added several new exciting capabilities:

  • Kubernetes cluster and application lifecycle management for PKS or native Kubernetes
  • Lease policies to contain cost exposure from idle resources
  • Enhanced extensibility with catalog support for vRO workflows

As we are evolving in our SaaS journey, we commit to bring our latest, most innovative technologies, next to our trusted customers!

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