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‘Cloud Is’ – Part Three – Control


Gimme, gimme never gets… except if you’re a developer. Being a CIO is tough. It’s a high pressure job with a complex problem set and typically short tenures. Perhaps unfairly, CIO’s are second to last in job duration among the C-Suite, according to the Korn Ferry Institute.  There are many reasons that average enterprise CIO Read more...

‘Cloud Is’ – Part Two – Trust


Everyone in operations has received the call. An app owner phones the ops team and says the same thing, again. “My app seems slow, prove to me it’s not your fault.” Responding to what feels like a simple question, from the app owner perspective, is a massive distraction and morale killer in every IT organization. Read more...

‘Cloud Is’ – Part One – an Operating Model


Happens every time. There’s a planning meeting with twelve people in the room. We’re all there to discuss the new cloud strategy. It’s time to make some decisions about future directions and next steps for the IT organization, and the business. Suddenly, the meeting grinds to halt. Is cloud a tactic or a strategy, an Read more...