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Native Objects From Azure and AWS In Cloud Assembly

Cloud Assembly provides an awesome platform to create cloud agnostic blueprints that can be designed on the blueprint design canvas, or written directly from code (YAML), and then deployed to public and private clouds from the single blueprint. That’s a super cool feature but what if you need to use specific services from AWS or Azure? Not an issue with Cloud Assembly. In the article we will walk through the native service available directly from the blueprint design canvas for the both those widely used public clouds.


Amazon Web Services Native Objects

Amazon has so many great services available that it would be almost impossible to provide everyone of those but Cloud Assembly provides the ability to use the most commonly used services directly from the design canvas to create very robust AWS specific blueprints.

As you can see in the above image taken directly from the blueprint design canvas, Cloud Assembly provides a TON of capabilities to use direct services in any blueprint. Whether it’s creating an S3 bucket, using an existing S3 bucket, setting Route53 Zone or Records, or using Lambda services you can make very detailed infrastructure blueprints using the most common services provided by AWS.


Azure Native Objects

Just like with AWS, Cloud Assembly also provides a the most commonly used services from Azure directly on the blueprint design canvas. Whether it’s using Azure DNS, initiating an on-demand SQL database, or even using their Redis Cache service you can build blueprints that take advantage of many of the great services native to Azure.

vRealize Automation Cloud is the best multi-cloud platform for creating cloud agnostic blueprints, but it by no means is limited to just being cloud agnostic. As you can see there are so many native services available for both AWS and Azure to make custom cloud specific blueprints that utilize the most common services from these two public clouds. Make deploying applications and infrastructure easy by utilizing Cloud Assembly and the many services that come native to the platform.


For more information on Cloud Assembly and to request a free trial go to this link.


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