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Cloud Assembly Meets Google Cloud Platform


Cloud Assembly is the premier hybrid and multi-cloud orchestration platform to expedite the delivery of infrastructure and applications in line with DevOps principles.


In this blog we are going to focus on a new integration that has been released to Cloud Assembly. If you have worked with Cloud Assembly to date you know that there is native integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) as well as Azure services. Now Cloud Assembly also offers native integration with Google Cloud Platform (GCP).


You can quickly start deploying workloads into GCP by creating a cloud account within Cloud Assembly. This is a simple form that will ask for you credential information for your GCO account.



Simply adding your account information, or importing JSON Key, will connect Cloud Assembly directly to your GCP account and also allow you to automatically create a Cloud Zone to the specific regions you selected.



Now that you have connected Cloud Assembly to Google Cloud Platform you can finish your specific configuration needs by setting up flavor and image mappings, as well as storage and network profiles and apply tags where appropriate.


After completing the simple setup you are ready to create a blueprint that will deploy a workload or create a storage instance within Google Cloud Platform. This is as simple as dragging those components from the cloud objects within the design canvas.



With the native Google Cloud Platform integration released to Cloud Assembly, GCP becomes as first-class citizen of the available public cloud that are out-of-the-box. You can now create both cloud agnostic and cloud specific blueprints utilizing the specific services and objects available in the public cloud of your choice from the single, simple to use, interface available in Cloud Assembly.


For more information on Cloud Assembly and to request a free trial go to this link.


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