VMware is announcing the release of VMware vCloud Suite 2018 Platinum. The new bundle is planned to be available alongside the existing vCloud Suite 2018.

vCloud Suite brings together VMware vSphere, the world’s leading compute virtualization platform and the industry-leading VMware vRealize Suite cloud management platform. While vCloud Suite 2018 includes vRealize Suite and vSphere Enterprise Plus, the new vCloud Suite 2018 Platinum will include vRealize Suite and vSphere Platinum – a new edition of vSphere, that delivers comprehensive built-in security for applications, infrastructure, data, and access, and has VMware AppDefense built right-in, to provide visibility into application behavior and protect applications by shrinking the attack surface with the power of machine learning and behavioral analytics.

Building, Deploying, Managing Secure Applications and Environments

The pace at which software innovates only increases over time. However, while enterprises continue to develop new methods to build applications faster, security struggles to keep pace and is often viewed as an obstacle to innovation. The new vCloud Suite 2018 Platinum enables enterprises to approach application and environment security from an end-to-end process across clouds.

VMware’s vRealize-based cloud management platform helps IT enable developers to quickly build VM and container-based applications across clouds with secure and consistent operations. It empowers consistent deployment models, security policies, visibility and governance for all applications, whether they are running on an on-premises SDDC, VMware Cloud on AWS-based hybrid cloud, native public clouds, or any combination thereof.

Once applications are developed and deployed via vRealize, the new vSphere Platinum further provides the datacenter endpoint security capabilities through AppDefense, embedding threat detection and response directly into the hypervisor layer where applications and data reside. The technology focuses on identifying deviations from the application’s intended state, rather than chasing potential threats, providing a differentiated approach to security.

By bringing together advanced security capabilities fully integrated into the world’s most comprehensive cloud management platform, enterprises have an easy way to on-board to cloud with enhanced security and consistent operations across clouds, supporting secure application innovation.

vCloud Suite 2018 Platinum Packaging

Like vCloud Suite 2018, vCloud Suite 2018 Platinum will be offered in three editions:

  • vCloud Suite 2018 Platinum – Standard
  • vCloud Suite 2018 Platinum – Advanced
  • vCloud Suite 2018 Platinum – Enterprise

vCloud Suite 2018 Platinum – Standard includes vRealize Suite Standard and vSphere Platinum. The standard edition supports Self-driving Operations use cases for enterprises looking to deliver continuous performance optimization based on intent, efficient capacity management, proactive planning and intelligent remediation.

vCloud Suite 2018 Platinum – Advanced includes vRealize Suite Advanced and vSphere Platinum. The advanced edition supports Programmable Provisioning use cases for enterprises that need to accelerate the delivery of IT infrastructure services by automating delivery and ongoing management.

vCloud Suite 2018 – Enterprise includes vRealize Suite Enterprise and vSphere Platinum. The enterprise edition supports Application Operations use cases for organizations looking to accelerate application delivery across both traditional and container-based applications.

VMware vCloud Suite 2018 Platinum

Secure and Consistent Operations with vRealize

The vRealize Suite, included in vCloud Suite 2018 Platinum, provides developer-friendly infrastructure (supporting VMs and containers) and a common approach to hybrid and multi-cloud. The cloud management capabilities enable secure and consistent operations across clouds.

  • With vRealize Automation users can model complete infrastructure and application stacks in the form of blueprints (templates) that include compute, network, storage and security resources along with all of the relationships that bind them together. The blueprints embed both automation and policy, and when executed will automatically orchestrate the provisioning of all the components in the blueprint, and enforce access and security. This includes entitlements over who can access what resources, who needs to be notified, and what environments can be used and changed by specific groups. This allows organizations to increase agility and provide choice for their internal users, while still maintaining governance and control.
  • In addition to comprehensive performance and capacity management and intelligent remediation across SDDC and multi-cloud, vRealize Operations provides configurations and compliance management for VMware SDDC technologies such vSphere, vSAN, and NSX. It includes hardening for vSphere and all VMware SDDC components, as well as, regulatory compliance for vSphere, such as PCI, DISA, FISMA, ISO and HIPAA. Users can further get an overview into SDDC health and compliance with breakdown for each product and drill into non-compliant areas and remediate.
  • vRealize Log Insight delivers heterogeneous and highly scalable log management with sophisticated analytics and broad third-party extensibility to do deep root cause analysis, aiding in audit and forensic analysis. It integrates natively with VMware SDDC technologies, such as vSphere, vSAN, and NSX, providing the capability to analyze and aggregate logs for operational visibility and faster troubleshooting.

In addition to vRealize Suite, vRealize Network Insight (vRNI) provides security and network analytics across multi and hybrid cloud environments. Users can use it to identify applications and services running in their environments and map application flows to get a blueprint for micro-segmentation. It also helps accelerate micro-segmentation deployment by providing firewall rules recommendations. It enables correlated visibility and troubleshooting across the overlay (NSX) and underlay (physical switches, routers and firewalls) and even provides recommendations for fixing issues. In addition to troubleshooting, users can also use it to manage, scale and enable compliance of their NSX deployments. It is available as a separate purchase for on-premises deployment, as well as, a VMware Cloud Service.

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