As we continue our series about VMware customers doing major infrastructure improvements, let’s take a look at a great example of vRealize in the public sector with the British Army. The British Army’s primary job is the defense of the UK, but it also carries similar defense roles for the British territories and interests globally. This includes international peacekeeping operations as well as humanitarian aid assistance. That said, these global operations require a strong, fast, modern technology infrastructure to function efficiently.

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Modernizing Infrastructure with vRealize Automation

Tasked with the mission of replacing their aging infrastructure, they set out to increase their infrastructural resiliency, speed of development of their internal software development and instill a sense of DevOps culture, not just in their IT world, but universally. This was another successful “better together” story with vRealize Automation and NSX, allowing rapid deployment of new or frequently updated applications, and allowing entire network components to be provisioned in minutes. This is all on the back of a high availability private cloud infrastructure using vSphere. We put together a customer case study including an interview with Lt. Col. Dorian Seabrook, the head of Operations for the IAS Branch who oversaw this transformation initiative.

You can read the full case study here.