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Real Tech Users Weigh In: VMware vRealize Network Insight

This blog was authored by Zisse Hanfling-Mueller of IT Central Station as part of a series looking at what real customers had to say about their VMware tools.

Last month, IT Central Station sent their events team to VMWorld 2018 with one aim: to find out what real tech users had to say about their experiences with VMware vRealize Network Insight.


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Coined as “The Yelp of Enterprise Technology” by the Wall Street Journal, we are always continuing to expand our community and increase our reviews that are written by our enterprise tech community. When our team gets VMware vRealize Network Insight reviews from their customers, we have the unique opportunity to hear vendor-neutral feedback from real tech users who readily give us their authentic opinions.


Throughout VMworld 2018, we found that vRNI’s customers highlighted similar features that contributed to their overall positive experiences with this leading IT infrastructure monitoring tool. In this post, we highlight three of the most prevalent themes that came up among vRNI users during VMworld 2018, which we hope will help others looking for honest and authentic tech reviews in their market research.


Day 2 Operations


Users have noted how vRNI helps in a variety of day 2 operations use cases:


“It has its own UI where you can actually see all the problems. It can directly list all the problems that we’re having in the network. Not only that, but it also gives us recommendations on how we can troubleshoot issues. That helps us to go to the problem in the network and not look around at a hundred places to actually troubleshoot a single issue. Whenever we say “valuable” with respect to the network, it’s more towards the security. The firewall rule issues it shows us and the recommendations that we get from vRNI are the most valuable features because they are actually making our network more secure.” – Senior Engineer at a tech services company


“It has helped us tremendously to be able to easily deploy NSX in our environment with microsegmentation. It has also helped us with time to value. It has helped with network visibility for sure.” – Sean B., Supervisor of Systems Engineering at Webroot Software


Security Planning


VMware vRealize Network Insight’s security planning capabilities is another common theme that has come up in their IT Central Station user reviews, and how this feature has helped them make their network more secure:


“For us, it’s for a security tool, to analyze flows and network traffic and to try to progress along the path of microsegmentation..it has enabled us to set up and do application discovery, as far as network traffic is concerned, and set up the appropriate rules that we need to make sure we’re compliant with our security frameworks.” – Engineer at a logistics company


“It has made the migration to NSX much easier. Most of the sysadmins within the smaller silos, they have no idea what ports are needed to run their stuff at all. I am pretty sure the micro-segmentation would never, ever have occurred without it. I’ve never had any issues with it. It’s up and running all the time.” – Virtualization Professional at a healthcare company with 10,000+ employees




Our users agree that VMware vRealize Network Insight’s visibility adds value to their companies:


“It has really tightened down the security. That was something that we were lacking.

It has also given us deep visibility into our network. We can really get down and see all of the traffic within the data center, between the VMs, between the applications, database servers, other application servers, web servers. We can identify everything that is communicating, and we can see it all on one product.” – Brett F., System Administrator at a school


“To some degree, it has increased performance, helped to more easily manage networks, and provided visibility. It pulls up more of the physical part of the network. I like being able to see the flows coming in and out of the product.” – Lemont H., Systems Engineer at an insurance company



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About the author:

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