Every year at VMworld, we present our vision for the IT. This VMworld was no different. It just got bigger and better. With the Virtual Cloud Network launch, we laid down our vision for networking and security in a multi-cloud application-centric world.

We are living in an increasingly hyper-connected environment. Applications are expanding beyond the bounds of data center onto the edge and into the cloud. New applications can land anywhere. Organizations need to be prepared to provide seamless connectivity and utmost security for such applications. Rapid advancements in the networking and security technologies is making it easy for organizations to get there and VMware is pioneering and leading those transformations. VMware NSX now enables a seamless network fabric from datacenter to edge/branch to cloud and secures it end-to-end. AppDefense provides AI driven security for the workloads, from OS to applications. And Network Insight ties it all together with an end-to-end visibility and analytics fabric, across all the layers.

Network Insight is one of the fastest growing products in VMware’s history (Thanks to our Customers!). Over the past year, we have made some significant strides in the product capabilities, which were demo-ed and announced at VMworld. With Network Insight, our vision continues to be of a platform that can truly accelerate our customer’s journey towards a fully connected and fully secured software-defined data center, extending to public clouds. At VMworld, we expanded upon this vision and shared our evolution roadmap towards an end-to-end application-centric visibility platform for Virtual Cloud Network, from data center to edge to cloud. And ultimately enable self-driving operations for networking and security.

Network Insight collects and connects the dots across the different pillars of the virtual cloud network – datacenter, edge, cloud and applications. Leveraging state of art analytics and machine learning, customers can get deep visibility and insights into their applications’ connectivity, network performance and security posture end-to-end. As we build out towards this vision, our customers will start seeing the different elements of our story come together over the next few releases. As first step, we announced the latest version of Network Insight, 3.9, with NSX-T support. NSX customers can now get a single pane of glass across their NSX-V and NSX-T deployments, thus making it operationally feasible and risk free to transition to NSX-T. The capabilities also enable all NSX customers to easily implement and operationalize micro-segmentation security and network virtualization, for a varied set of applications across virtual, physical and cloud. We also showcased some upcoming advanced capabilities for managing hybrid clouds as well as new kinds of overlays and physical underlays. We made some big announcements on the Network Insight (NI) SaaS front as well. Network Insight SaaS is now available in UK/London for our European customers! SaaS is a key part of our strategy that can help customers transform their consumption model from on-premises/perpetual based to a simpler cloud-based subscription model.

For a more detailed overview and deep dive of these capabilities, I highly encourage everyone to go over the recordings of the following Network Insight sessions from VMWorld US:

The Network Insight team has been continuously delivering to its vision by helping enterprises understand and secure their applications, brown field and green field, on-premises and cloud. As these applications expand, migrate, and transform, and as new applications get deployed, Network Insight provides a model to secure and troubleshoot them end to end. There are more exciting things in store for our customers as Network Insight continues to make its foray in the area of network and security operations for an increasingly multi-cloud world.

Now on to VMworld Barcelona! See you there!

Here are the Network Insight sessions at VMworld Barcelona that should be on the top of your must-attend list:

  • NET2764BE Introduction to vRealize Network Insight: Tuesday, Nov 6th, 5pm-6pm
  • NET1879BE vRealize Network Insight Deep Dive: Thursday, Nov 8th, 1.30pm-2.30pm
  • SAI2555BE Accelerate App Security and Availability with vRealize Network Insight: Thursday, Nov 8th, 12pm-1pm
  • MGT2844BE AWS App Security and Visibility with Network Insight: Thursday, Nov 8th, 10.30am-11.30am



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