Previously, I showed how to perform What-If analysis for adding new servers with vRealize Operations 7.0. Today, I’ll show how you can perform What-If analysis for migration to VMware Cloud on AWS or native AWS.

To begin planning, you can find Migration Planning after you click on Plan under the Optimize Capacity pillar on the Quick Start page.

Migrate to VMware Cloud on AWS

In this first scenario, I’ll look at migrating to VMware Cloud on AWS.  The important part here is selecting VMware Cloud on AWS and setting the Application Profile options.  For the Application Profile, you can manually enter the specifications for your workload or import existing VMs to have it automatically populate for you.

When importing existing VMs, you have an option to filter by VM Name, vCenter, VM Tags, or Custom Groups.  In this scenario, I used the filter to select all VMs in the SC2VC02 vCenter.

The scenario results show the number of hosts needed and projected utilization.  In this scenario, that’s 4 hosts while utilizing 69% of the CPU.  Costs are broken down into on demand, 1-year subscription, and 3-year subscription.  The costs on the left show the cost of the VMs per month, which is a subset of the total cost for the 4 hosts.  The monthly cost of the 4 hosts are shown to the right.

A video walkthrough Is available for the What-If migration to VMware Cloud on AWS scenario below.

Migrate to Native AWS

In this scenario, I’ll look at migrating to native AWS.  This time, I’ll select Amazon Web Services and the AWS Region.  Since I used “Import from an existing VM” already, I’ll manually enter a workload profile this time.

The analysis results show that the I’ll need T2 medium instances at a cost of $41 per month each or $4054 total.

Lastly, if I want to see the cost for a different region, just select a new region and click Run Scenario, and the results will update to reflect the new region.

A video walkthrough Is available for the What-If migration to native AWS scenario below.


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