One of the most requested features that we get from our current vRealize Operations customers is the ability to share dashboards – and not just with other vRealize Operations users, but also with users that don’t normally access vRealize Operations.


Well, wait no longer: vRealize Operations 7.0 brings this highly anticipated feature!! In this blog we will cover the options for sharing dashboards to anyone.


First, how do you get to the sharing options in vRealize Operations? It’s super easy – just click on the below icon on any dashboard that already exists:


Once you have clicked on the icon you will be presented with the choices for sharing. The options are:


URL Sharing:


Now you can share a dashboard using a URL that can be given to ANYONE in your organization and they don’t even need to be able to access your vRealize Operations environment. This is a super useful feature when you need to share performance or capacity information to others in the organization, but don’t need them logging into vRealize Operations.


You will notice that you also set an expiration timeframe for the shared dashboard to be available. This is also really useful when you just want to give someone a view into a specific portion of the infrastructure for a period of time but not beyond. For example, you might think of a “war room” scenario where you quickly build a custom dashboard of a tier 1 application using the new dashboard creation canvas (check out this post) and share it with your peers in the situation room.


Email Sharing:

You can also share a dashboard through an email just by selecting the correct SMTP instance you have already set up in vRealize Operations and entering the email of the recipient you want to have your new awesome dashboard. Like with the other sharing options you can also put an expiration timeframe for the email as well.


Embedded Sharing:


You can even embed the dashboard into any other webpage by simply copying the HTML code provided and pasting it into any system like Confluence or your own internal intranet portal.


Group Sharing:


This one is simply giving dashboard access to any group that currently is set up through the authentication source you have in vRealize Operations.


Exporting a Dashboard:

The final option gives you the ability to export the dashboard and move it to any other vRealize Operations environment. This is very useful when you have multiple vROps instances or you have a Dev instance that you use to play around in and make your custom content.


We also have a great new place to contribute cool dashboards you have made called the dashboard exchange. You can get to the dashboard exchange quickly by visiting our vRealize micro-site at (also check out this blog on the dashboard exchange). You will see the below link that will take you to the exchange to upload the cool new dashboard you want to share with the community. You can also download dashboards created by other hard-working VI admins like yourself!!




As you can see sharing dashboards in the latest release of vRealize Operations 7.0 is super easy and such a useful feature. You can now show anyone in your organization the power of vRealize Operations and your self-driving operations environment.


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  1. The share icon is not visible if the login user isn’t admin.
    My login user comes from Active Diractory via “SSO SAML” authentication source.
    The permission is given to a AD group and has the role System Administrator and Access All Object to the Hierachy on All objects.

    1. Stephan,
      When you log into your vROps as the admin account, then navigate to Administration, Access, Access Control, select your username from the user list, and, at the bottom, what roles have been assigned to you under the permissions tab?

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