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Packaging Changes for vRealize Configuration Manager

VMware is announcing that the current version of vRealize Operations, version 6.7, is the last release that will bundle vRealize Configuration Manager.

  • vRealize Operations Enterprise customers upgrading to versions 7.0 will continue to be entitled to vRealize Configuration Manager for their existing footprint.
  • vRealize Operations Advanced customers upgrading to versions 7.0 will no longer be entitled to vRealize Configurations Manager. If you use vRealize Configuration Manager today, you can continue to use versions up to 5.8.4, as packaged with vRealize Operations 6.7.

The latest release of vRealize Operations now has configuration and compliance capabilities for vSphere including vSphere hardening and vSphere change, configurations and regulatory compliance (DISA, FISMA, ISO, CIS, PCI, HIPAA) management.

vRealize Configuration Manager remains a supported product by VMware. Please refer to the VMware Lifecycle Product Matrix for the latest updates of EOGS date vRealize Configuration Manager 5.8.x.

Alternatively, you can explore purchasing full vRealize Configuration Manager as a standalone product for expanding your footprint or meeting your current needs. In addition to vSphere hardening and vSphere change, configuration and compliance management, vRealize Configuration Manager also includes capabilities for OS-level change, configuration and regulatory compliance, and patch management.

For additional information, please contact your VMware account team or a VMware Partner. If you have a support question, please contact VMware Support.