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VMware and Google Cloud Collaboration

VMware and Google Cloud Collaborate to Ease Workload Provisioning to GCP

In conjunction with Google Cloud, we are excited to announce the preview of a newly developed plug-in for VMware vRealize Automation and vRealize Orchestrator. At VMware, we strive to give customers a consistent management experience while also offering choices for third-party services and endpoints. In this latest collaboration with Google, you will be able to provision and consume Google Compute Engine Virtual Machines (VMs) with vRealize Automation. We plan to continue working together to expose even more Google Cloud Services in the future.

As customers expand their portfolios to include GCP, we will support their range of choices by adding the Google Cloud plug-in, in conjunction with Google, to the VMware Solutions Exchange. To apply for the preview program to gain access to the early release software, please submit your request.  This plug-in allows you to start provisioning VMs and storage to GCP as well as publish blueprints that include Google Compute Engine VMs and storage buckets in your self-service catalog. The plug-in will be available on the VMware Solutions Exchange soon.

VMware vRealize Automation empowers IT to accelerate the provisioning and delivery of IT services, across infrastructure, containers, applications and custom services. Leveraging the extensible framework provided by vRealize Automation, you can streamline and automate the lifecycle management of IT resources from initial service model design, through Day One provisioning and Day Two operations. Our collaboration with Google expands the public cloud support and use cases available to our users.

What will you do with this plug-in?

  • Accelerate your time to value by using the pre-built vRealize Automation + GCP plug-in
  • Create vRealize Automation blueprints for Google Compute Engine Virtual Machine based resources
  • Request and provision new resources using vRealize Automation’s self-service catalog based on the assigned approvals.
  • Initiate Day 2 Operations on Google Compute Engine Virtual Machines
  • Reclaim provisioned resources to reduce operational cost
  • Provide visibility and cloud management into provisioned resources across business groups

What are the use cases for the GCP Plug-in?

The GCP plug-in for vRealize Automation and Orchestrator will make it easy for you to unlock new scenarios for your organization, including:

  1. Reach new regions to address global business needs. (i.e. Finland, Mumbai and Singapore.)
  2. Define large scale applications using vRA and deploy to Google Compute Engine to leverage GCP’s worldwide load balancing and automatic scaling.
  3. Save money by deploying VMs as Compute Engine Preemptible VM Instances and using Custom Machine Types to tailor the VM configuration to application needs.
  4. Accelerate the time it takes to train a machine learning model by using Compute Engine with NVIDIA® Tesla® P100 GPUs.
  5. Replicate your on premises-based applications to the cloud and scale up or down as your business dictates.

While this preview release is focused on enabling support for Google Compute Engine Virtual Machines in vRealize Automation, Google and VMware are working together to add support for additional GCP products such as Cloud TPU as well to further extend vRealize Automation capabilities in GCP.

You can also check out what Google has to say about our new collaboration.