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Ovum: Picking your cloud management vendor just became easier

Ovum has just published its latest Ovum Decision Matrix (ODM) for multi-cloud and hybrid cloud management for 2018-2019, and VMware’s vRealize Cloud Management Suite is the clear winner! Download the report here.

Selecting a cloud management vendor for your growing cloud needs is a strategic decision that will touch every area of your IT and beyond, affecting the entire organization. There are so many factors that can influence your decision, while your expertise is spread thin over a vast area. This is where experts like Ovum come to help, with their comprehensive analysis of vendors.

Ovum is an independent analyst and consultancy firm headquartered in London. Since 1970, Ovum’s research has been specializing in global coverage of enterprise IT and telecommunications industries.

In this publication, Ovum has done a comprehensive side-by-side comparison and evaluation of leading multicloud management solutions, with the findings delivered as the Ovum Decision Matrix (ODM). The vendors reviewed included VMware, Oracle, Micro Focus, DXC, IBM, Red Had, Microsoft, Cisco, Cloudcheckr, CA Technologies, and Platform9. A great group to start with, and I am very excited to see VMware positioned as a clear overall winner in this tough space!


Ovum used three key criteria to assess each of the vendors and their solutions: technology, execution, and market impact. For each of the criteria, Ovum evaluated several critical aspects affecting the overall score.

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Per Ovum ODM, “VMware recorded 16 above-average scores out of the 20 evaluated, and four of these were category leading scores with two a maximum 10 out of 10. VMware was also one of four vendors to record overall above-average scores for all three dimensions. VMware’s strongest dimension was technology where 90% of its scores were above average. VMware was also the leader when all the dimension’s scores were totaled and normalized to a base of 10.

Key take-aways from this report (apart from VMware overall leadership): the multidimensional nature of cloud management makes it a tough solution to build. We already know that virtualization alone doesn’t create cloud, just like a bunch of electrical wires don’t create a utility grid. It takes many functions that enable all virtualized resources – compute, network, storage – to work in an agile, high-performing, cost-effective and secure manner. It’s the “self-driving” aspect of cloud operations, combined with provisioning automation, capacity management and intelligent workload placement that differentiates a private cloud from a VM cluster. And with the emergence of public cloud – a high bar to meet! – all these resources must be managed in an invisible manner, allowing business to focus on its core competencies (which is not IT).

Ovum’s study shows that VMware’s Cloud Management Platform, with vRealize Suite at its core, is the best solution on the market today meeting these cloud management requirements.

Read this report to see how different vendors are positioned along these lines, and why VMware is the best solution for your cloud management needs.






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