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Announcing: Wavefront and vRealize Operations Integration – Available with New vRealize Operations 6.7

Wavefront and vRealize Operations: Empowering IT to partner with Application teams through shared visibility

VMware is announcing the integration of Wavefront and vRealize Operations, with the new vRealize Operations 6.7 release. vRealize Operations 6.7 extends App Monitoring with Wavefront to Traditional IT.

IT Control 

  • Rapid onboarding of Wavefront
  • Application discovery and agent lifecycle management
  • Quickly triage infrastructure vs application issues
  • Consistent tools for application and DevOps monitoring and analysis
  • Monitor Enterprise Apps (E.g. Oracle Exchange, AD) with Next-Gen Application tools

Developer Agility

  • Cloud-Native Metrics Monitoring and Analytics
  • High-velocity metrics from applications, containers, public and private clouds
  • Scales to millions of metric data points per second, accessible in real-time by thousands users


vRealize Operations Provides Wavefront Proxy and Agent Lifecycle Management

  • Is it Infra problem or App problem: Determine app vs. infra problem; and defer to app teams to fix app problems in Wavefront
  • Fast Onboarding for App Troubleshooting: Discover apps running in VMs and automatically install the app agents
  • Life cycle of agents: Simple mgmt. of agents in vR Ops UI for install, uninstall and other configurations
  • Integrated with Wavefront: Enable dev teams and app ops teams to do app monitoring in Wavefront, while Infra team manages the agent life cycle mgmt.
  • App Monitoring in Wavefront: Dev and App teams access Wavefront for app monitoring with many OOTB dashboards


Wavefront On-boarding through vRealize Operations

A simple 3 step process walks the customer through connecting to their Wavefront cluster, adding the Wavefront proxy and deploying agents to managed VMs.  From there, the agent discovers supported applications and can enable collection for those apps on a case-by-case basis.

Discover and Monitor Services

Automatic Discovery with Full Control for IT

Discover, Configure and Monitor Services

  • Agent automatically discovers services running on the VM
  • Simple configuration
  • Start or stop monitoring
  • See status of plugin for troubleshooting


Stay Tuned for a more in-depth deep dive on the mechanics of vRealize Operations 6.7 and Wavefront integration and learn more about VMware vRealize Operations 6.7.


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