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Introducing INFINIDAT’s InfiniBox Management Pack for VMware vRealize Operations

INFINIDAT InfiniBox® Management Pack for VMware vRealize Operations – Enhanced Monitoring and Visibility


INFINIDAT is excited to announce the release of the INFINIDAT InfiniBox Management Pack for VMware vRealize Operations. vRealize Operations is part of VMware’s Cloud Management suite of products. vRealize Operations is able to extend monitoring and management to many environments through the use of Management Packs.


The INFINIDAT Management Pack for VMware vRealize Operations provides customers with comprehensive monitoring and visibility into InfiniBox systems and the virtual environment all in one solution. In addition, the vRealize Operations Management Pack is provided to INFINIDAT customers completely free, without any limitations on the number of monitored InfiniBox systems or the number of objects discovers.


InfiniBox is a cache-optimized, petabyte-scale storage platform that delivers faster than all-flash performance for real-world workloads, unmatched reliability, and a truly unified SAN and NAS solution in one single storage array.


VMware vRealize Operations delivers intelligent operations from applications to infrastructure, helping customers plan, manage and scale software defined datacenters (SDDC) and multi-cloud deployments.


As InfiniBox is designed to address the most demanding requirements of the modern data center, having an equally advanced monitoring solution is crucial for maintaining a healthy IT environment. It can be very challenging to enable surrounding analysis for the different layers in the IT stack, especially at high scale. The Management Pack simplifies these challenges for InfiniBox users, by discovering storage and virtual entities relationships, deep monitoring capabilities and extensive visualization all through one single panel of glass via VMware vRealize Operations.


Let’s dive into the INFINIDAT InfiniBox Management Pack for vRealize Operations key advantages.


End-to-End Visibility

The Management Pack extends vRealize Operations awareness and enables users to gain maximum visibility across the IT stack, from the InfiniBox storage layer to the virtual infrastructure. Understanding the relationships between the different objects in the environment, especially between the different layers (storage / compute) can be very challenging and time consuming. Users can easily view the InfiniBox internal resources-to-resource relationships along with the external relationships to VMware entities such as hosts, datastore and virtual machines.


The external relationships discovery includes not only the “logical” layers (InfiniBox Volume -> Datastore -> VM) but also the physical stack – from the InfiniBox Nodes (storage controllers), through the FC Ports and to the ESXi Hosts.


Comprehensive Monitoring – Insights for Quick Troubleshooting

Through the Management Pack users achieve overall monitoring for InfiniBox capacity, health and performance. InfiniBox resources performance are deeply monitored with vast breakdowns for various IO types such as XCOPY, UNMAP and WRITE-SAME. This reveals the real picture of what is actually running in the background. Storage capacity is tracked for all InfiniBox levels, along with vRealize Operations predictive analytics capabilities which populates capacity utilization breakdowns.


In addition to end-to-end visibility and relationships mapping, wide range of alerts are generates and matched to the corresponding InfiniBox objects. Thus, users can quickly discover and understand issues, and better identify which other entities might be impacted. This makes challenging issues become much more simple to resolve.


To easily navigate in the environment, there are 5 inventory trees available. Each tree is a resource-to-resource hierarchical list and presents the environment from a different point-of-view. Instantly dig in the environment and drill down to root-cause issues.



Powerful Visualization – Focus on what’s important

There are 6 out-of-the-box dashboards available which provide powerful visualization into InfiniBox resources and VMware workloads. The dashboards present extensive overviews of key InfiniBox objects and virtual entities which are related to InfiniBox systems.



Organizing the Data


The Management Pack includes 4 built-in reports for capacity, performance, health and objects properties. Reports can be simply generated to capture variety of details about InfiniBox resources at any specific point-in-time, and can also be exported to either .pdf or .csv formats. In addition, there are hundreds of metrics available to create custom reports.



Plug and Play – Simple and Tunable Configuration

The Management Pack pulls data directly from InfiniBox systems via the REST API. No intermediators are needed to be configured, which greatly simplifies the adapter instances configuration process. In addition, users are provided with wide control over the objects discovery and metrics collection. If data for specific object type is not necessary, the metrics collection can be simply disabled through the adapter’s advanced setting, which reduces the vRealize Operations server’s resources utilization.


For more information on vRealize Operations visit the vRealize Operations web page.

The INFINIDAT InfiniBox Management Pack for vRealize Operations will be available for customers through the INFINIDAT Support Portal. More information about INFINIDAT and the InfiniBox storage solution is available on the INFINDAT website.


About the Authors

Ido Dubovi is the Senior Product Manager responsible for driving INFINIDAT’s ecosystem integrations. His work covers proprietary and open source platforms. An observant market watcher and analyst, he is a key influencer of INFINIDAT’s solutions roadmap. His prior roles include consultant for numerous IT verticals and storage architect for datacenter and cloud deployments.


Henry Guo is a Product Marketer at VMware in the Cloud Management Business Unit, focusing on VMware’s Cloud Operations product portfolio. He is especially interested in helping customers better understand VMware’s underlying cloud operations technology and how it can help them empower their people and organization. Prior to joining VMware, Henry has lead teams across numerous industries as a product manager and a management consultant in the hi -tech, Internet security, telecommunications, government, health care and financial services sectors.


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