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vRealize Network Insight 3.6: Industry leading visibility for networking and security across multiple clouds

Download vRealize Network Insight 3.6 to manage and scale NSX deployments, plan security and troubleshoot networking across virtual, physical and multi-cloud environments.

Announcing vRealize Network Insight 3.6

vRealize Network Insight 3.6 adds key capabilities that enhance network and security visibility in customers’ SDDC and AWS environments, and that enable customers to confidently deploy, manage and scale their VMware NSX deployments.

  • Enhanced Visibility:
    • Netflow from physical devices can now be added for planning security and troubleshooting of applications that include bare metal servers. Additionally, customers looking to assess their SDDC security posture but do not have virtual Distributed Switch (vDS) can use Netflow from physical devices in the free Virtual Network Assessment.
    • Government customers using AWS GovCloud can now use vRealize Network Insight for security planning and troubleshooting in their AWS environment.
    • Added support for Palo Alto Panorama 8 and additional Arista and Juniper switches enhances visibility across the virtual and physical SDDC infrastructure.
  • Rapid Troubleshooting:
    • Flow analytics such as top talkers and net new activities in the last 24 hours help rapidly troubleshoot network issues.
    • New AWS Security Group widget provides quick troubleshooting of the security posture within AWS infrastructure.
    • Support for NSX-T security groups and firewall rules
  • Open Platform: vRealize Network Insight 3.6 provides public API to integrate data from vRealize Network Insight and drive automated workflows. For example, the recommended firewall rules for an application can be accessed using vRealize Network Insight and programmed into NSX or AWS firewalls.


Industry’s most comprehensive multi-cloud networking and security visibility solution

vRealize Network Insight 3.6 is the most comprehensive solution for customers looking for visibility and troubleshooting in their networking and security infrastructure across SDDC and public clouds.


Some key differentiators that vRealize Network Insight offers customers are-

  • Easy to try, deploy and use: Customers can assess the security posture in their SDDC environment for free in just 24-48 hours using the Virtual Network Assessment powered by vRealize Network Insight. vRealize Network Insight is easy to install and setup and provides quick time to value out of the box. Once customers have vRealize Network Insight, they get powerful search capabilities and topology views that help them troubleshoot issues with lightning fast efficiency.
  • Distributed, scale-out software solution: Unlike some other solutions that require purchase of expensive hardware and require professional services to setup, vRealize Network Insight is a software-only solution that enables a “scale as you grow” paradigm for customers.
  • Vendor agnostic and agentless: vRealize Network Insight integrates with networking and security gear from leading vendors such as Palo Alto Networks. It is completely agentless and hence does not require complex time-consuming management of end point agents.
  • Value for the entire IT team: Whether you are responsible for virtual, network, security or cloud infrastructure in your IT organization, vRealize Network Insight helps you effectively troubleshoot networking and security issues in your multi-cloud infrastructure by providing comprehensive co-related views across virtual, physical and multi-cloud networking and security infrastructure.
  • Best for SDDC Networking and Security: vRealize Network Insight integrates tightly with VMware NSX and enables customers to manage and scale their NSX deployments with confidence.
  • Built for Multi-Cloud: vRealize Network Insight is built for multi-cloud environments. Customers can plan security and troubleshoot issues for applications that reside solely on their private cloud, completely on their AWS cloud, or for hybrid applications with tiers that span private and public clouds.

…and, “one more thing”…


Also available as a VMware Cloud Service

In addition to the Software Defined Data Center on premise download, VMware vRealize Network Insight is also available now as a subscription service for customers who prefer the SaaS consumption model.


Read the vRealize Network Insight 3.6 technical deep dive blog for more details.

Try vRealize Network Insight using the vRealize Network Insight Hands on Labs or download vRealize Network Insight 3.6.


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