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Cloud Management Sessions Lineup at VMworld 2017 Las Vegas

With just three weeks left until VMworld 2017 Las Vegas, I would like to help you navigate through the impressive lineup of cloud management-focused sessions that are available to you.

Designed to give you a comprehensive overview of the VMware’s Cloud Management Platform (CMP) and other cloud management products and solutions, these sessions provide the vision and the strategic direction, as well as hands-on knowledge and best practices, to help you be successful on your cloud journey.

vmworld 2017 las vegas

To make it easier, I have segmented all sessions into these groups:


Cloud Management Spotlight Sessions

See our Cloud Management leadership chart the course for the future, update you on the recent developments, and share the coolest demos and new technologies brewing in our labs. Hear from our top customers and key engineers. And have fun in the process.


MGT3137SU:  Multicloud is Eating the World. Join the Party! Our Product Management team will present on what keeps them busy to help you be effective in a Multicloud world.

MGT3138SU:  What’s on the Horizon: Cool Emerging Technologies in Cloud Management. Hear from our CTO and our Top Engineers on What’s Coming in the Future!

MGT3136SU: How DevOps Is Transforming IT: People, Process, Technology. Learn from our biggest customers!


SDDC, General CMP and Multi-Cloud Management

How do you optimize your on-prem SDDC, while taking advantage of the Multicloud world out there? These sessions will bring the wisdom of 20 years of managing virtualization, along with the new trends of combining your private cloud with the multiple public clouds, and doing it all at the highest levels of security, governance, and control.


MGT3137SU: Multicloud is Eating the World. Join the Party! Our Product Management team will present on what keeps them busy to help you be effective in a Multicloud world.

MGT3138SU: What’s on the Horizon: Cool Emerging Technologies in Cloud Management. Hear from our CTO and our Top Engineers on What’s Coming in the Future!

MGT3166BU: A Simplified Approach to Lifecycle Management for vRealize Suite

MGT3167GU: Managing the SDDC as Code

MGT3169GU: Using vRealize to Manage AWS as Part of Hybrid Cloud

MGT3163GU: Wavefront Customer Uses and Demo

MMC3165BU: Becoming a DevOps Superhero: Introduction to Wavefront for Optimizing Cloud-Native Applications

MMC3164BU: How Data Science is Transforming Operations: The Wavefront Story

MMC2210BU: Best Practices: How the City of New York Has Configured AWS for the Best vRealize Automation Integration

MMC2256BU: Watching the Clouds: Challenges with Monitoring Hybrid Cloud Environments

MMC2820BU: Deploying Applications into AWS EC2 with VMware Cloud Services

MMC2877BU: Deep Dive into Cost Insight: Understand, Analyze, and Optimize Your Cloud Expenses (Cloud Service)

MMC2888GU: How We’ve Accelerated Innovation While Keeping Our Cross-Cloud Spending in Check

MMC3062BU: How Customer XYZ Secures and Monitors On-Premises Software-Defined Data Center Virtual and Physical Networks Using Network Insight SaaS

MMC3074BU: 3 ways to use VMware’s new Cross-Cloud SaaS Services to efficiently manage workloads across AWS and vSphere: VMware and Customer technical session

MMC3112BU: Customer Story: Monitoring Costs and Rightsizing Workloads in AWS, Azure, and VMware-Based Clouds


Intelligent Operations of SDDC and the Hybrid Cloud (incl. Monitoring and Troubleshooting, Capacity Management, Workload Placement, Business and Costs Management)

These sessions cover the operational aspects of SDDC and cloud management: capacity planning and resource distribution, performance management, troubleshooting, for your virtual compute, storage, and networks, on-prem or in the cloud. Attend to learn more about vRealize OperationsvRealize Log Insight, vRealize Network Insight and vRealize Business for Cloud, as well as the new cloud services for operations.


MGT1217BU: Intelligent Operations Management from Infra to Applications and Across the Software-Defined Data Center

MGT1218PU: Unplugged: Real World IT Gurus Share Their Perspective on Operations Management for the Multicloud Era

MMC2884GU: Manage Cross-Cloud Applications Using VMware Log Analytics as a Service

MGT1260QU: Make Informed Infrastructure Spending Decisions with Hybrid Cloud Assessment

MGT1599BU: vRealize Operations Capacity Explained

MGT1733BU: Scaling and Extending vRealize Operations for the Enterprise

MGT1908PU: Day 2 Operations Using vRealize Network Insight at VMware IT and at Customers

MGT1999BU: It’s the Apps: Fully Loaded Application Monitoring with vRealize Operations

MGT2008BU: Break Your Logjam by Leveraging the Power of vRealize Log Insight

MGT2185BU: 360-Degree Troubleshooting and Remediation

MGT2323GU: Experience the Value of vRealize Log Insight Content Packs

MGT2338BU: The Happy Nomadic VM: A vRealize Story

MGT2443BU: Tutorial: Reclaim Time Spent on Operations While Improving Quality and Efficiency; Hear from Rackspace and VMware OneCloud Team

MGT2508BU: Achieve Troubleshooting Mastery with vRealize Operations

MGT2588GU: Intelligent Operations Jam Session: SDDC Performance and Availability, Unified Management

MGT2653QU: Case Study: VMware vRealize Operations Provides Single-Pane View of Global Data Centers to Meet Performance and Uptime Requirements

MGT2768GU: A Two-Day VMware vRealize Operations Manager Customer Success Workshop in 60 Minutes

MGT2829GU: Intelligent Operations Jam Session: Infrastructure Optimization

MGT2855BU: Operationalize Your World: Moving Your Operations Closer to Your Architectures

MGT3392BUS: Keep a close eye on your IT real estate: Adopt a cloud-first monitoring strategy.

MGT1568BU: Case Study: Altisource and VMware—v (We) Realize Business for Cloud Together!

MGT1816BU: Case Study: How a Leading Health Insurance Provider Uses vRealize Business to Transform Its Cloud Initiative into a Cloud Business Management Practice

MGT2426BU: When Seconds Mean Dollars: Maximizing IT Operations at the CME Group

MGT3238GU: Densify, Build, or Rent? Cloud Changes the Entire Planning and Costing Model for IT

MMC3066BU: How Do You Use Network Insights’ SaaS to Secure Multi-tier Hybrid Apps Running on vSphere, VMware Cloud on AWS, and AWS Native?


Provisioning Automation (of VMs, Containers and NSX)

Here, you will learn about new features of vRealize Automation, in particular the improved support for workload placement decisions (together with vRealize Operations), fine-grained controls for vSAN and NSX Day 2 operations, shared access to deployments for collaboration within a tenant, direct access to health/ upgrade readiness, and how to mix VMs and containers in a single blue print. Also, see how unified blueprints bring together your virtualized compute and networking resources (with NSX) in one uniformed infrastructure-as-code approach. Hear from major customers who have successfully implemented IT self-service portals for automated provisioning of infrastructure and applications to end users.


MGT1311BU: Deep Dive: VMware vRealize Automation and ServiceNow

MGT1758BU: Effectively Operating an Automated Cloud

MGT1776BU: vRealize Automation Solves the Container Onboarding Conundrum

MGT1761BU: Swisscom Modernizes Its Cloud for Enterprises with VMware

MGT1799BU: Full-Stack Automation: Streamlining, Delivering, and Managing App-Centric IT

MGT1847BU: What’s New with vRealize Automation 7.3

MGT1935BU: Automate the Automation: Streamline the Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade of VMware vRealize Automation

MGT2024QU: Measure Twice, Automate Once: Trusted Tools to Bring Success to a vRealize Automation Project

MGT2875BU: Manage, Govern, and Extend VMware Cloud on AWS with vRealize Automation

MGT3038GU: Get the Most Out of vRealize Automation: Embracing the vRealize Automation Ecosystem

MGT3307BUS: 101 of Automation & Orchestration – How do I develop a Successful A&O program in my Company?

MGT3315BUS: How Orchestration Can Actually Save Your Marriage

MGT2589BU: Aon Rapid Deploy: Creating a Global Enterprise Hybrid Cloud with Private Cloud, Managed Private Cloud, and Public Cloud

MGT2898PU: Pushing the Limits: Critical Customers Partnering with VMware Engineering


DevOps: Developer’s Cloud, Infrastructure as Service, OpenStack, CI/CD and Pipeline Automation

Learn about how VMware Cloud Management solutions can help your IT support your development organization. vRealize Automation customers are now entitled to use vRealize Code Stream at no charge for use with the vRCS Management Pack for IT DevOps (“Houdini”). Checkout the latest new features of vRealize Code Stream. See how you can integrate into your CI/CD pipeline with the new REST and Poll plugins, and utilize Git and Gerrit triggers. And the last but not the least, if you are an Open Stack fan, learn more about VMware Integrated Open Stack (VIO) that is a fully DefCore-compliant implementation of this popular open source API standard.


MGT3136SU: How DevOps Is Transforming IT: People, Process, Technology. Learn from our biggest customers!

MGT2231BU: How VMware implemented the Self-Healing Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline using vRealize Suite

MGT2871BU: ridging the Operations Gap Between the Software-Defined Data Center and Pivotal CF for VMware Deployments

MGT1307BU: vRealize Automation and Puppet: Enabling DevOps-Ready IT

MGT1785BU: OpenStack in the Real World: VMware Integrated OpenStack Customer session

MGT2609BU: VMware Integrated OpenStack: What’s New

MGT2716BU: vRealize Automation for the Developer Cloud

MGT2751PU: vRealize Automation Experts Panel: How to Win over App Developers and End Shadow IT

MGT3168GU: From Developer Laptop to Production: Managing Containers with vRealize Suite


More Goodies to Come – Stay Tuned

Our agenda at VMworld 2017 not limited to break out sessions. There will be group discussions, “meet the expert” sessions, hands-on-labs, and other activities that we have planned for you. Visit VMware booth to see real demos, chat with our subject matter experts, or join spontaneous discussions with other customers or partners. There is plenty to do!

Stay tuned for more VMworld posts on this blog.


How to Register

Planning to attend the upcoming VMworld 2017 in Las Vegas or Barcelona? This is still a good time to register, and see you soon!


vmworld 2017 las vegas