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vRealize Business for Cloud 7.3: Drive Your Cloud Efficiency with Cost Management

What’s New in vRealize Business for Cloud 7.3

Today, we are pleased to announce the upcoming release of vRealize Business for Cloud 7.3. The new release continues to improve the ease-of-access and ease-of-use for private cloud cost management and delivers more visibility into public cloud spending.

Cost management gets easier 

Easy to access: our customers love the capability of accessing vRealize Business for Cloud as a tab within vRealize Operation UI, which helps them easily correlate operational data with cost insight to drive higher cloud efficiency. The new release will allow single sign-on authentication with vIDM integration.

Easy to navigate: Redesigned UI delivers consistent user experience across operation products. Use-case driven Launchpad simplifies the navigation.

Easy to make decisions: Procurement planning capability introduced in the new release will provide insights on hardware procurement for future workload allocation, recommending what type of resource to buy and how many to buy.

Easy to gain insights: A new set of out-of-the-box reports covering infrastructure and cost data enables IT teams to get the most-frequently-used data in one-click. Want to send reports to the right person at the right time? Report scheduling is also available in this release now.

Easy to price IT services: With the enhanced integration with vRealize Automation, customers will be able to do pricing based on blueprints, reservations or reservation policy, across private and public cloud endpoints. Automated pricing update is also supported after Day2 actions.


Optimize Public Cloud spending with more visibility

Comprehensive cost visibility: The new release will provide complete costing analysis across all AWS and Azure services with enhanced public clouds reporting capabilities.

Enhanced usage visibility: VM level usage information is available for IT teams to improve resource utilization and optimize spending.



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