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How Are You Managing Multi-Cloud Environments?

How Are You Managing Multi-Cloud Environments?

Managing operations in the Cloud era is not easy.


Organizations across every sector are applying digital technologies to disrupt models of business and engagement, and to reimagine the customer experience. The ability to bring new applications and services to market quickly has become the key to business success and competitive advantage. Moreover, businesses require modern data centers with the agility and scalability to support rapid business innovation. These modern data centers must extend to public clouds while ensuring and optimizing for performance, availability, compliance and cost.

Is your team leading IT initiatives to implement a digital transformation? Is your team ready to ensure high performance across multi-clouds?

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Help us to understand how your organization is keeping pace with growing business demands, and how you are scaling data center management across multi-clouds, including private clouds such as Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere and public clouds such as AWS, Azure, Google.

• Are you implementing an operations platform to help optimize planning and utilization?
• Are you using an operations platform to automate processes to assure infrastructure and application performance?
• How do you achieve operational excellence, while minimizing costs?

Given these points, share the success stories and challenges you face as you increase the agility of your operations and build your competitive advantage.

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