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Nerding out with Wavefront

I’m pretty excited with our acquisition of Wavefront, and I’m glad it’s finally closed.

(Editor’s Note: Try a Free Trial of Wavefront here.)

Honestly, what has impressed me with Wavefront is how easy it is to get it to ingest data. In fact, Wavefront has over 80(!) different kinds of data it can ingest.

Since I have no life, one weekend, I was able to set up my Nest thermostat and send data to the local proxy (which handles all the forwarding to the SaaS service).

Wavefront Nest Graph

The screenshot above is essentially the temperature in my living room over time, reported 1 data point per minute, which is way below the millions per second that all of Wavefront can do.

In general, it’s pretty simple to use. In fact, the hardest part was getting the data from the Nest, not into the system overall. In fact, I was able to do the install and entire integration in Bash shell, running in an Ubuntu VM on vSphere. All I did was use the netcat shell command to send the data to the proxy.

The code is posted here.

For more information on Wavefront, including demos, go here. Start with the videos, then request a trial here.

Wondering what Wavefront is? Its a SaaS service provides metrics monitoring to optimize clouds and modern applications by delivering operational insights using millions of data points per second in real-time. Operators and developers can interrogate real-time data streams to discover new ways to address problems, identify bottlenecks, and test algorithms and hypotheses. A cloud-hosted service, Wavefront ingests, stores, visualizes, and alerts on streaming metric data from clouds and modern applications enabling superior operational performance. Scaling to support the largest data center needs, the service can measure, correlate, and analyze across servers, devices, applications, end-user behavior, multiple public cloud and data center attributes, SaaS, PaaS and IaaS environments, and business metrics.

Wavefront already has an impressive list of customers, and their technology allows us to leapfrog into application management of next-generation modern applications. Together with vRealize Operations and vRealize Log Insight, we will now be able to analyze data and offer customers end-to-end operations management for both virtual and multi-cloud infrastructures.



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