(Editors note: The deal has since closed. You can try Wavefront for free for 30 days, here.)

It is clear to me that customers are responding enthusiastically to our Cross-Cloud strategy and our Cloud Management Business Unit (CMBU) team has a central role to play as we deliver a consistent operating environment across clouds. Our team is rapidly innovating for on-premises products while we also building out our Cross-Cloud management services including costing, discovery, monitoring, root cause analysis, and visualization. To accelerate our delivery for the cloud, today I’m excited to announce our intent to acquire Wavefront, the leading metrics monitoring service for companies born in the cloud era.

Wavefront already has an impressive list of customers, and their technology allows us to leapfrog into application management of next-generation modern applications. Together with vRealize Operations and vRealize Log Insight, we will now be able to analyze data and offer customers end-to-end operations management for both virtual and multi-cloud infrastructures.

VMware set the standard for monitoring virtual environments with vRealize Operations, and we will set the standard for monitoring clouds and modern applications with Wavefront. Wavefront delivers radically new metrics monitoring to help cloud-scale companies improve the performance, availability and customer experience of their digital services. When combined with vRealize Network Insight and vRealize Operations, digital enterprises will gain a complete view from network to infrastructure to applications.

I think it is important to realize that Wavefront represents several important points for VMware. First, on the heels of the Arkin/vRealize Network Insight acquisition, it signals the continued investment VMware is willing to make in its management portfolio.  Second, it represents an important expansion of our management and monitoring products. vRealize Operations manages structured operational data about a virtualized infrastructure. vRealize Log Insight aids troubleshooting through making unstructured log data accessible. Wavefront represents a third important pillar in our strategy.

With this acquisition, we are doubling down on Cross-Cloud and management, and increasing our relevance with developers and DevOps teams by providing real-time monitoring of web-scale modern applications that rely on micro-services in containers.  And with that, we look forward to welcoming the whole Wavefront crew to the VMware family.