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vRealize Network Insight 3.3 Evolves Security and Network Management for the Software Defined Data Center

Download vRealize Network Insight 3.3 for Micro-Segmentation Planning, 360 network visibility and troubleshooting and NSX day 2 operations

vRealize Network Insight is rapidly becoming the management platform of choice for Software Defined Data Center customers looking to manage their virtual and physical network infrastructure and implement micro segmentation. vRealize Network Insight 3.3 continues to drive industry leadership in micro segmentation planning and network troubleshooting by delivering-

  • Enhanced Visibility, Troubleshooting and Control: vRealize Network Insight provides comprehensive visibility and troubleshooting capabilities through the virtual and physical network infrastructure.
    • vRealize Network Insight 3.3 enhances visibility and troubleshooting for customer data centers with multiple NAT deployments by providing detailed VM to VM path and accurate flow reporting through multiple NAT hops.
    • Users can also get detailed breakdown of their physical and Internet segments while planning micro-segmentation.
    • Customers will also be able to classify traffic from private IP addresses as belonging to the Internet for a high degree of customization based on their data center network designs.
  • Improved Event Management and Alerting: The intuitive search and filter user interface in vRealize Network Insight makes event and alert management simple, so users can focus on solving their infrastructure problems rather than on looking for information.
    • vRealize Network Insight 3.3 continues to provide deep integration with NSX with support for 11 new NSX events.
    • Users can also now define events that are most relevant in their data center environments and define their severity. While troubleshooting, users can then filter events by severity and even status for faster root cause analysis.
    • New user interface enhancements make troubleshooting faster and provide more details for events and alerts.
  • Expanded Support and Integration: vRealize Network Insight integrates tightly with NSX for the best out of box experience and also provides integration with third party networking and security devices such as Palo Alto Networks firewalls.
    • vRealize Network Insight 3.3 supports NSX 6.3.
    • It enhances NSX firewall implementation with support for negation, direction, VMIC source/destination/applied-to and raw IP/port in/dest service.
    • vRealize Network Insight also builds on Palo Alto Networks integration with support for Panorama 7.0-7.1 and constructs such as paths, firewall, events.



Stay tuned for the vRealize Network Insight 3.3 detailed technical blog!

Hundreds of customers are benefiting from vRealize Network Insight to implement and manage security and networking through their virtual and physical data center infrastructure.

Daniel Hertzberg from PNC Financial services says, “I cannot say enough good things about #VRNI if you want visibility into your #NSX overlay/firewall and physical network. @vmwarensx

Try vRealize Network Insight using the vRealize Network Insight Hands on Labs or download vRealize Network Insight 3.3.



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