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Do you know what a Cloud First strategy is?

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The concept of a “Cloud First” strategy began in the U.S. federal government and has since spread into other segments, and becomes increasingly important as companies go through a digital transformation. Is it an option for your organization? Cloud First is expected to accelerate enterprise cloud adoption. So what is this cloud-first strategy about, and what is its role in the cloud market? Take the survey now and enter to win a $25 gift card.

VMware has teamed up with the students of Syracuse Univesity iSchool to send you this survey to better understand where companies are headed.

Read more about how Syracuse University has embraced VMware’s Cloud Management platform.

Take the survey now!

More and more applications are moving to the cloud, and the cloud-first strategy becomes an increasingly realistic enterprise option for companies that want to stay ahead.

Cloud-first is a  business strategy built around the primary goal of reducing IT costs by leveraging the benefits of using shared infrastructure and paying only for consumed resources consumed. However, everything has its pros and cons: Apart from substantial business benefits, the strategy encounters certain risks on the way to the eventual positive outcomes. That’s exactly what defines the three key trends driving cloud computing in 2017: the goal is value from the cloud-first strategy, risk mitigation, and reduced time to value.oals

Take the survey today to understand where your company is on the cloud first strategy trajectory. We will be publishing a white paper based on the results of the survey.



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