Operations and Business Alignment with vRealize

In the latest release of vRealize Operations (vR Ops), both vRealize Log Insight (vRLI) and vRealize Business for Cloud (vRBC) are integrated.

In this post I’d like to point out and show you through a video how this integration between vR Ops and vRBC works, and how this functionality aligns Operations and the Business.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have all the operations data and the power of what vRealize Operations brings, but also have along side that the Private Cloud and Public Cloud (depending on edition of vRBC) data.. YES, that right, and all in one place..

Now you can! Perform a simple configuration step in vR Ops to point to your vRBC instance and you’re all set!


vRealize Suite brings together the ability to align IT Operations with the Business

Here’s a short video that walks you through how these capabilities come together, and how you will gain full cost transparency within the Private Cloud.. Also note that if you have vRBC Advanced edition you will also see the public cloud costing here!


Product requirements: vRealize Operations Manager 6.5 or higher, and vRealize Business for Cloud 7.2.1 or higher.

Summary:  vRealize suite brings together the ability to align IT Operations with the Business.


What’s New?

· vRBC 7.2.1 release sets a new milestone for vRBC in the endeavor of more tightly-coupled integration with vRBC being available within vRealize Operations as one of the menu options providing operational and cost visibility to the end user in a single pane of glass!!!

· vRBC 7.2.1 also re-brands cloud business analysis report as Hybrid Cloud Assessment

With new look and appeal it includes a concise and precise summary page describing Inventory, Total cost of ownership of infrastructure, Comparison of private cloud cost with that of public cloud, and a glimpse into how well the private cloud infrastructure is utilized and subsequent reclamation opportunities

Check out the new vRealize Business for Cloud here:

vRealize Business 7.2.1 Download Landing Page

vRealize Business 7.2.1 Documentation Landing

Check out the launch blog for more information here: https://blogs.vmware.com/management/2017/03/whats-new-vrealize-business-cloud-7-2-1.html


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