Aligning vRealize Operations with Business Outcomes White Paper
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Aligning vRealize Operations with Business Outcomes – vROps White Paper

Aligning vRealize Operations with Business Outcomes White PaperVMware just published my vROps White Paper titled “Aligning vRealize Operations with Business Outcomes” on the VMware Tech Papers site. In particular, this white paper explores a common theme among many VMware customers. Specifically, customers are looking for IT reporting that closely resembles their lines of business such as services, departments, applications, and other logical business models. Furthermore, for most customers, measuring performance, utilization, and consumption at the logical business unit is more important to business leaders than at the vSphere Cluster. This is because in today’s world, services and applications can span multiple infrastructures from private, through hybrid, to public. Generally, IT reporting around business services has been difficult with traditional tools as they are very infrastructure-centric. In addition, lack of metadata or context and abstraction technologies compound the problem, making simple correlation difficult.

This vROps White Paper is your guide

This vROps White Paper is designed to serve as a comprehensive guide that ties various distinct vROps features into a cohesive solution. Therefore, the goal of this white paper is to enable IT to become more transparent and aligned with business structure. As a result, the white paper walks through extending vROps to provide business-oriented reporting that empowers business stakeholders to make better decisions by gaining visibility and insight into various business services in the datacenter or cloud. Consequently, this white paper covers the following topics in depth and connects the dots among them:

Custom Groups

Define Custom Groups that align the IT infrastructure with the business structure of your organization.

Super Metrics

Turn business questions into Super Metrics that quantify the way you do business by metering service utilization, performance, and consumption.

Custom Dashboards

Present the new-found information in business consumable dashboards that aid in the decision-making processes.


Provide secure access and authorize users to only view information relevant to their organizational role.


Explore various options to automate various aspects of this process or the complete solution.

In conclusion, vRealize Operations Manager does a great job at providing infrastructure analytics; however, it does not automatically provide performance, utilization, and consumption around business units, applications, and services. Leveraging this white paper, IT can use the same set of analytics they are already familiar with to answer real-world business questions and better align IT with business-oriented outcomes.


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