How VMware IT Leverages vRealize Log Insight

vRealize Log Insight

VMware IT uses different tools, but VMware vRealize Log Insight really stands out for the way it helps VMware IT scale.

Managing the VMware private cloud is a big job. VMWare’s private cloud spans 6 data centers and more than 325,000 allocated VMs on more than 2,000 hosts.

Just like VMware’s customers, VMware IT needs visibility into the health of their environment. Log Insight was the right tool to help them scale, and understand the applications used to run their cloud services.

In the words of Caleb Stephenson, “Log Insight has proven itself as a critical part of our management and monitoring infrastructure. It does log management across many different components that are critical to our infrastructure—from customer-facing applications, to infrastructure running large SAP instances, to the normal run-of-the-mill testing and development environments. It gives multiple teams the deep operational visibility we need with dashboards and analytics. And now we have proactive alerts that identify trends and events. That gives our support team an intuitive way to troubleshoot issues. In some cases we can even take action before an outage occurs. In the end it really helps us improve SLA performance for our customers.

It’s an unbeatable tool for Root Cause Analysis (RCA). In the past, RCA would take a lot longer… and without a quick way to capture logs, it was sometimes impossible. Now we have a simple, easy way to pursue RCA and share log snippets. “


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What is vRealize Log Insight?

vRealize Log Insight delivers Intelligent Log Management for infrastructure and applications across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. Log Insight enables administrators to connect to everything in their environment, e.g., OS, apps, storage, network devices, providing a single location to collect, store, and analyze logs at scale. Log Insight is highly scalable, designed to handle Big Data. Log Insight can digest any type of log data. Users do not need to think about it, they can just send their data to Log Insight.


How does vRealize Log Insight fit into Intelligent Operations and overall Cloud Management Platform (CMP)?

Log Insight comes with built-in knowledge and native support of vSphere and other VMware products, like VMware Horizon® with View, vRealize Operations and vRealize Automation™. Log Insight integrates with VMware vRealize Operations™ to bring unstructured and structured data together, for significantly enhanced end-to-end operations management.

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