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Announcing the vSAN Management Pack for vRealize Operations

Have you deployed or are considering vSAN for your vSphere 6.0U2 or 6.5 environment? If so, you should know about VMware’s new VMware vRealize Operations Management Pack for vSAN 1.0 released last week. The vSAN management pack is specifically designed to accelerate time to production with vSAN, optimize application performance for workloads running on vSAN and provide unified management for the Software Defined Datacenter (SDDC).

Accelerate Time to Value

With over 5,500 customers, vSAN is a proven technology transforming the storage market and enabling customers to modernize their datacenter. vSAN is applicable for many use cases including business critical applications, remote or branch offices, virtual desktop infrastructure, business continuity and more.  Many customers start with a subset of these use cases and over time develop trust in vSAN for almost all their use cases.  With the vSAN management pack, you can gain insights about the impact of vSAN in your infrastructure quickly, and bring your business greater efficiency in a shorter amount of time.  This can be helpful to showcase the impact of vSAN and evaluate it, not only for the use cases you have in mind today but as you expand into the future.  With the vSAN management pack, you can gain confidence quickly with vSAN while avoiding the risks and blind spots.

For example, as you migrate workloads onto vSAN, the management pack provides historical performance for key storage performance indicators as well as trending future demand. With this information, you can easily confirm that your applications are healthy and happy running on vSAN. After all, we know the newest technology is the first suspect. Having “proof of innocence” with the vSAN management pack’s vSAN Optimization Dashboard provides the confidence you need. It answers important questions during the initial stages of evaluating and deploying vSAN:

  • How is my application performing on vSAN versus non-vSAN storage?
  • Is my vSAN configured properly?
  • Is my vSAN healthy?


Deploy vRealize Operations with the vSAN management pack to accelerate your time to value and begin enjoying the benefits of software defined storage.

Optimize Application Performance and Improve Efficiency

It can be challenging to strike a balance between the demands of your business and the cost of delivering IT services.  You are probably looking to vSAN to help solve this problem, drive better efficiency out of IT spend and increase critical application performance and availability.  By leveraging the vSAN management pack, you can be assured that the goals you set for vSAN are being met.  You can also look for other opportunities to squeeze cost out of your data center.  And with vSAN management pack, planning for growth and expansion will be quick and easy.

As the lines between efficiency and performance get closer, the buffer zone for troubleshooting and finding problem root cause gets smaller.  Storage issues can be very painful and it is better to stay ahead of those issues than to wait until they manifest as application outages.  Having vRealize Operations with the vSAN management pack allows you to deliver the most out of your vSAN environment with:

  • vSAN specific dashboards, alerting and health checks
  • Cross-silo performance evaluation to monitor the impact of workload and policy changes
  • Root-cause analysis from application to virtual machine to host for full stack troubleshooting
  • Capacity reporting and “what-if” scenarios for planning and budgeting


Add the power of vRealize Operations’ proven performance analytics to get the most out of your vSAN investment.

Unified Management for the SDDC… and beyond!

Cloud economics means abstraction with transparency.  You must be able to manage both on premises and public clouds from the same platform.  VMware’s cloud management platform gives customers a complete, 360 degree view of infrastructure, virtualization, applications and services through vRealize Operations Manager.

Get Started

If you already have vRealize Operations, download and install the Management Pack for vSAN from VMware Solution Exchange.  There’s no cost and customers who own any edition of vR Ops are entitled to install and use this solution.

Not a vR Ops customer?  No problem!  VMware provides an evaluation program so that you can try it out in your environment with all features enabled – you can even install the Management Pack for vSAN once your trial copy is installed.

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