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vROps Editions: Enterprise

By Kyle Wassink

This is part of a blog series on VMware vRealize Operations Manager Editions. The series breaks down the key aspects and differentiators between the three vROps Editions (Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise), including the critical components of extensibility and customization. The primary source of extensibility in vRealize Operations comes from Blue Medora’s True Visibility Suite, whose tiers align with the vROps editions.

This is the final blog of the series and will look at the remaining product features that are unlocked in Enterprise edition.

Key Features

Enterprise edition vROps is the top level version of the product and adds a few features above the Advanced edition. One addition is OS-level change, configuration, and compliance monitoring. Additional management packs from VMware, such as EPIC and Meditech, require Enterprise edition.

From an extensibility point, there are no limits on Enterprise vROps. With Blue Medora TVS Enterprise, you can monitor all of your applications, middleware, and databases, plus everything already covered in Manager of Managers, Advanced, Standard edition. Integrations that are only available at the Enterprise level of TVS include Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Amazon RDS, Hadoop, MongoDB, SAP HANA, SAP, and more.

Blue Medora true visibility suite

Figure 1: With vROps Enterprise edition, you have the ability to gain insights into your entire infrastructure and application deployments. Integrations are part of the Blue Medora True Visibility Suite.

With vROps and TVS Enterprise you can use vROps as your central monitoring platform for all of your infrastructure and application deployments. Leveraging the customizability, relationship mapping, and capacity planning in vROps, you can optimize your IT operations, DevOps, and troubleshooting workflows in a platform that can monitor everything.

Key Edition Differentiators

The primary differentiator in Enterprise is that there are no limitations. You can monitor anything (with the proper management packs) and have access to all the functionality in vROps.

vROps edition comparison

Figure 2: Some of the key differentiators between Enterprise and the other tiers of vROps.

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Note: Blue Medora True Visibility Suite requires additional licensing.


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