When people think about Syracuse University, their first thoughts are often about the basketball team, the Carrier Dome, and Otto — SU’s famous mascot. But there are some equally exciting Cloud Management and Architecture developments at SU’s iSchool (School of Information Studies).


Joshua Lory and I recently took advantage of VMware’s Service Learning Program, to connect with iSchool students, faculty and leadership and found a team of passionate people working on innovative new cloud applications, studying the latest trends in cloud management and preparing for highly successful technology careers.

Harnessing Cloud Disruption

It is no secret that the cloud has shattered traditional approaches to IT and is quickly breaking down long-standing barriers between application, compute, network and storage domains. The cloud is also presenting enormous challenges to schools preparing the next-generation of technology professionals. But, the cloud has accelerated the pace of change exponentially, making it extremely challenging for faculty to stay on top of the latest developments. As soon as courses are developed, new developments in cloud technologies threaten to make the classes irrelevant.

Instead of fighting the disruptive forces of the cloud and clinging to traditional processes for developing class content, the iSchool is in the process of embracing the challenge and extending an already successful paradigm of industry partnership that it pioneered with visionaries like Jeffrey Rubin at SIDEARM Sports and several other companies, including a growing relationship with VMware. These partnerships have already provided enormous benefits to iSchool students, as well as the companies that support them and are allowing the iSchool to lay the groundwork for new classes and programs that will better position students to advise new employers on the latest cloud strategies for advancing their businesses.

As cloud adoption grows, it is no longer just a trend that matters to IT professionals, it is a discussion among C-Level executives and boards of director about how they will leverage its power to transform their businesses. Students graduating into this new world require a different skillset. Instead of building private datacenters and understanding the technical intricacies of network, storage and computing devices, they will be consulting with business leaders on which cloud solutions best align with the needs of the business.

Rapid Progress – The iSchool’s Cloud Management Journey

The iSchool has already made rapid progress with its new cloud initiatives and programs. Examples include:

class2 class3

Finally, thank you to Elizabeth Liddy, Dean of the School of Information Studies (iSchool), Art ThomasKim Pietro, David Molta and Sarah Weber for inviting us to the iSchool and creating an environment for me and Josh to engage and learn alongside the iSchool’s very talented students. We both appreciate the opportunity to learn and grow with you and the iSchool students as you travel your cloud journey.



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