For many organizations today, success hinges on the time-to-market and quality of the applications they are producing. To speed up the software delivery process and bridge the gap that is often prevalent between development and operations teams, organizations are turning to DevOps.

But what is DevOps?

DevOps is a software delivery approach that mandates that a cross-section of disciplines, including development, QA, release, infrastructure and IT operations, work as a cohesive unit from project inception through deployment, and re-deployment. An optimized DevOps approach enables organizations to deploy testable software in small increments, at a very rapid pace.

What products and services from VMware can support your DevOps strategy?

First of all, VMware has several products and service that help customers and partners on the journey to realize their DevOps strategy. Let’s talk about products: If you are not aware of the vRealize suite, then you should have a look here: The vRealize suite targets specific use cases for customers such as “Intelligent Operations”, “IT Automating IT” and “DevOps-Ready IT” and provides multiple tools and applications to make the overall software development and delivery process more efficient. The vRealize Suite includes our developer and IT focused tools such as vRealize Automation, vRealize Operations, vRealize Log Insight and vRealize Business for Cloud.

An important add on is vRealize Code Stream (vRCS) and the latest vRCS Management Pack for IT DevOps (also known as “Project Houdini”) that provides a variety of features and capabilities to allow a more efficient release automation process for IT artifacts such as blueprints, workflows, templates and infrastructure as code in general. Both of those areas are extremely important in order to achieve your DevOps strategy and the choice of the right tools are a mandatory planning step. Let’s go into some more details about these two solutions:

  • Software Release Automation: Code Stream automates the software release process at each stage in the software delivery pipeline to assure speed and consistency through the entire process. Customers who are looking to automate their release process typically want to achieve continuous delivery for the purpose of shortening software delivery cycles and improving quality. Code Stream Integrates with existing software development, testing, artifact management and build systems to orchestrate the tasks that need to performed at each stage in the delivery process.
  • IT Artifact Lifecycle Management: Code Stream, when combined with the free “Management pack for IT DevOps” helps IT administrators manage the artifacts of their software defined data center. This includes artifacts like vSphere templates, vRealize Orchestrator workflows and vRA Blueprints to name just a few. Code Stream captures, stores, version controls (roll forward/backward) and distribute these artifacts between tenants and independent instances of vRealize Automation, vRealize Orchestrator, vRealize Operations or vCenter Server.

Need help? VMware provides you with a great DevOps practice through our consulting services…

If you need help on the way to your DevOps ready IT strategy, we certainly are happy to support you. Our VMware DevOps consultants enable and equip our customers with the technologies and tools to empower project teams, and provide the necessary organizational change management programs to ensure successful DevOps adoption. If you would like to know more about the services that we provide, please have a look here:

If you would like to contact our professional services team, please have a look at the following website:

Want to learn more? Please visit the upcoming VMworld 2016 conferences!

Our team is looking forward to meet you at the VMworld 2016 conference and to tell you more about DevOps, the mentioned use cases like “Intelligent Operations”, “IT Automating IT” and DevOps-Ready IT and what products and services can support you in this space. Here is a list of upcoming breakout sessions at the conference – we are looking forward to meet you there!

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