What are these group discussions, often called “round tables”? They are not your regular breakout sessions in a sense that there is really no speaker, slides, or any pre-determined agenda. And the rooms are limited to around 40 people (so make sure you register!)

There is a topic for each of these group discussions – sort of a guiding direction for the conversation. The moderator will only start by asking a few questions to initiate the discussion – and then you, the customer, will drive. The moderator also will be on-hand to provide any insight into the product.

We will also have product experts in the room – so we can provide as much expertise as you need.

Open Mic and Round Tables

It’s an “open mic” type of environment. Tell the group what you know. Ask questions. Share experiences. Anything around the guiding topic works. We will listen and take notes. You will definitely learn a lot from your pears that you can apply to your specific situation.


round tables

And we hope that the “roundtable” format will work better than the “presenter session” format – so you can actually face each other! 8 to 10 people per table.

The Topics: vRealize Deep Dive and Best Practices

Here are the 8 group discussions in the Cloud Management track:

  1. Key Considerations for Success with OpenStack – with Trevor Roberts
  2. Integrating vRealize Automation with IT Service Management Solutions – with Naomi Sullivan
  3. vRealize Code Stream – A Release Automation for Continuous Delivery – with Vishal Jain
  4. vRealize Operations: Deep Dive into Capacity Management and Workload Placement – with Chima Njaka
  5. Troubleshooting with vRealize Operations: How to troubleshoot fast and become the hero of the organization – with Ronit Halachmi Bekel
  6. vRealize Log Insight Deep Dive and Best Practices – with Bill Roth
  7. vRealize Automation Event Broker Deep Dive – with Gary Coburn
  8. Customer Success Engineering – with Cloud Management Business Unit’s engineering team and Sandhya Sridharan

So, come with open mind, bring your stories, and ask lots of questions.

Make sure you register in advance, though. The space is limited to 40 people per group only!


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