We have news on a special limited VMware offer around vRealize Suite and products!

vRealize Code Stream Special Offer

vRealize Code Stream Special Offer

If you are purchasing vCloud Suite, vRealize Suite, or vRealize Automation before September 15, 2016 you will be entitled to a 10 OSI License of vRealize Code Stream 2.1  plus basic support.   Existing customers who purchase at least $50,000 USD or local currency equivalent of Support and Subscription (SnS) renewal are also entitled to the same offer.  To get additional details: vRealize Code Stream special offer.

This promotional offer allows VMware customers to get to free access to Code Stream software to get a better understanding of how it can help make your company’s software release process more agile , efficient and reliable.  Here is some additional information to help you get a better understanding of how vRealize Code Stream can help your company.

Watch this high-level overview of some of the software delivery challenges companies are facing and see how Code Stream can help streamline this process.

  • VMware IT Speeds Application Releases and Application Quality with Continuous Delivery Methodology (Case Study)

    VMware IT to adopt developer operations (DevOps) best practices and automate application releases to overcome communications, quality, and efficiency obstacles. By driving IT agility with a continuous delivery methodology, VMware IT reduced deployment time by 63 percent and deployment resources by 83 percent while doubling the speed of software releases and increasing release frequency by 6x.

  • vRealize Code Stream Hands on Lab

    Module 4 of the vRealize Automation Hands on Lab demonstrate how to use vRealize Code Stream to enable customers to integrate and orchestrate the DevOps release process by leveraging existing software development lifecycle tools. A developer or release manager will walk through the process to leverage Code Stream and vRealize Automation to provide continuous delivery by automating the tasks required to build, deploy, and test at each stage in the application release delivery pipeline.

What is vRealize Code Stream?

For customers who already use vRealize Automation, vRealize Code Stream is a complementary offering that extends automation to the entire release process itself.  Code Stream empowers IT administrators and developers to release software more frequently by automating the following tasks:

  • Software Release Automation – Code Stream automates the release process at each stage in the software delivery pipeline to assure speed and consistency through the entire process. Customers who are looking to automate their release process typically want to achieve continuous delivery for the purpose of shortening software delivery cycles and improving quality. Code Stream Integrates with existing software development, testing, artifact management and build systems to orchestrate the tasks that need to performed at each stage in the delivery process.
  • IT Artifact Lifecycle Management – Code Stream when combined with the free “Management pack for IT DevOps” helps IT administrators manage the artifacts of their software defined data center. This includes artifacts like vSphere templates and customization specs and vRA Blueprints to name just a few.  Code Stream captures, stores, integrates with source control tools, version control (roll forward/backward) and distribute these artifacts between tenants and independent instances of vRealize Automation.


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