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Comprehensively Monitor your Enterprise Stack with vROps Management Packs

By: Ken Hess

If you use VMware virtualization products at your company, then you should check out Blue Medora’s management packs. Blue Medora’s solutions extend the capabilities of VMware’s vRealize Operations Manager (vROps) to provide monitoring solutions for the hardware, software, applications, and workloads that power your business on a single pane of glass.

As many of you know, VMware vROps provides your IT administrators with a unified management interface; but when it comes to full-stack monitoring, vROps can’t do all of the work alone. VMware’s powerful analytics engine is the perfect platform for innovative third-party vendors to create powerful monitoring solutions for mission-critical environments. To that end, Blue Medora has created vROps management packs to monitor the hardware, software, and applications critical to your business.

BM TVS for vROps

For example, Blue Medora’s Management Pack for Dell PowerEdge collects performance data from Dell PowerEdge servers and displays it within vROps. By seeing their data in a unified management console, your administrators can now view critical underlying infrastructure while simultaneously watching the performance and capacity of your virtual machines and storage. The Management Pack exposes such resources as the Dell chassis, server fans, power units, disk capacity, reclaimable capacity, policy compliance, and overall system health. Color-coded health statuses are available for each component, providing health information at a glance to your administrators.


Blue Medora’s solutions have an especially important feature: integration between management packs. When your administrators view their Dell PowerEdge servers, they can also see NetApp storage, MySQL server, and Cisco Nexus in relation to each other. With Blue Medora’s management packs, you can see the entire stack that runs on your Dell PowerEdge systems at a single glance.

Blue Medora’s database solutions, like the Management Pack for MySQL, allow administrators to see performance data from databases, instances, queries, replication, tables, and tags. Administrators can also see relationships between the database and the virtual components. The Management Pack offers internal relationships like MySQL instance to database, and external relationships, such as database to host system.


The Blue Medora monitoring solution family utilizes the powerful vROps engine to provide deep insight into all of their monitored products. With comprehensive metrics, advanced reporting, and dashboards giving views of health at a glance and deep visibility into key performance data, your administrators will have all of the tools they need to be able to keep your systems running optimally. All Blue Medora management packs provide automated monitoring, alerting, and capacity analytics. The integration between Management Packs means that bottlenecks anywhere in the system can be pinpointed and resolved quickly and efficiently.

If you would like more information on any of Blue Medora’s vROps management packs to gain deeper insight into your environment, visit to download free trials of any of Blue Medora’s solutions. They are constantly growing their family of management packs, so visit their website frequently for updates, or follow them on twitter to keep up with new product announcements.


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