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VMware vRealize™ Code Stream™ v2.0 is now GA – What’s New?

We are excited to announce that vRealize Code Stream v2.0 is now GA and available for download. Here is an overview of the latest features in this release-

  • Better platform – faster execution engine, smaller footprint
  • Parallel execution of pipeline tasks
  • New out-of-the-box reports
  • v2.0 of vRealize Code Stream Management Pack for IT DevOps
  • New integrations

Better Platform

vRealize Code Stream v2.0 is now based on the faster, lightweight and open source Project Xenon™ engine. This makes it easy to deploy and run pipelines and tasks at large scale and it provides native support for running tasks in parallel.  Pipeline Execution times have reduced significantly with this engine.

Parallel Execution of Pipeline Tasks

In addition to the performance gains with the new execution engine, vRealize Code Stream pipelines can run quicker than before by modeling tasks to run in parallel. This lets the pipeline trigger multiple, independent tasks at the same time, instead of the serialized execution in prior versions. The pipeline modeler has to specify which tasks can benefit from this capability.

parallel tasks
Parallel Tasks

New out-of-the-box reports

With this release, vRealize Code Stream includes some out-of-the-box reports to provide increased visibility to the development and release teams. This gives a summary view of pipeline execution success and failure. In addition, the reports also support drill-down to find out the most common tasks that fail and the reason for failure. This will help teams increase productivity by preventing the most common causes of failure.

pipeline success rate
Pipeline Success Rate
pipeline failure analysis
Analyze Failed Tasks

vRealize Code Stream Management Pack for IT DevOps v2.0

vRealize Code Stream Management Pack for IT DevOps v1.0 was announced back in December 2015, to help IT teams begin the journey of treating IT infrastructure as code. It has received great feedback from our customers and also requests to support more of VMware’s vRealize portfolio. We are pleased to release v2.0 of the management pack which includes support for-

  • vRealize Automation – blueprints, resource actions
  • vRealize Orchestrator –  workflows, actions, configuration elements & packages
  • vRealize Operations –  dashboards, alerts, super metrics and more
  • vSphere –  templates, customization specs

 New Integrations

vRealize Code Stream  now supports the new blueprint format announced in vRealize Automation v7.0. Teams can model an entire application stack, including networking and storage, in these blueprints and use them at each stage in the pipeline. This will quickly and easily provide the same standardized environment configuration across Dev, Test and Production. In addition, vRealize Code Stream also supports Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2015.


All these new features directly address customer feedback since the v1.0 release of vRealize Code Stream. We are excited to deliver these enhancements to the product and look forward to sharing more technical details and product videos very soon. Learn more about VMware vRealize Code Stream by visiting



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