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In vRealize Operations Manager 6.1 we introduced a new construct called Custom Datacenter (CDC).  I wanted to describe how to create Custom Datacenter objects, and how you would leverage these objects.

The Custom Datacenter object can be created in the vR Ops UI, and you can add one or more Cluster objects.  Not only can you add one more Cluster objects from one vCenter Server, but these Cluster objects can span multiple vCenter Servers.

So…  Why would you want to do this?

1. By creating a Custom Datacenter and including multiple Cluster you will gain performance, and capacity visibility across the Custom Datacenter as a whole.  The Analysis badges will be computed for the newly created Custom Datacenter, and you will be able to perform Capacity Management on this new constructs.  I’ve come across customers that have large application platforms (like SAP or other applications) that span multiple Clusters.  Now they can manage these clusters performance and capacity by having a wholistic view.

To create a Custom Datacenter you go to Environment –> Custom Datacenter in the UI.


And now you can see Analysis badge information for this Custom Datacenter


Also leverage Projects on these Custom Datacenter objects to do capacity planning and capacity forecasting


2. The other reason you would want to leverage Custom Datacenter objects for is Workload balancing.  You can leverage vR Ops 6.1 (and higher) Workload Balancing capability to balance clusters within a Custom Datacenter object


Enjoy using Custom Datacenters in vRealize Operations Manager!

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