Now that you’ve learned how to reduce IaaS delivery time from days to minutes across a private / hybrid cloud, what are your next steps?  Delivering infrastructure services is just one piece of the puzzle, when the Lines-of-Business (LOB) ask you (enterprise IT) to become more “agile.”

Applications are the engine that enable the business to deliver services and capture new market opportunities.  Increasing demand for new and updated applications means shorter release cycles and higher risk.  In response, the enterprise must accelerate the entire IT service lifecycle and associated ecosystem components; not only infrastructure services, but also application deployment and the downstream release processes.  This requires a fundamental change in application authoring and automated delivery.

Current processes require IT to author individual machines and configure them together as working applications with all the appropriate dependencies, micro-services, networking, storage, and security.  At most companies this still takes multiple weeks or months, even those that are heavily leveraging virtualization and associated management tools.  While an IaaS strategy is critical for delivering infrastructure, it only solves a fraction of your business agility problem.

VMware has developed technologies that help businesses transform their entire IT delivery model and directly address the problem of agility.  For an opportunity to learn how to best automate your application authoring and deployment strategy, VMware technical experts are hosting a webcast, to include a demo that you simply don’t want to miss.

Accelerate Appication Deployment with VMware CMP

In the webcast, we are going to examine bottlenecks of app authoring and deployment that are in dire need of automation, including:

  • Manual configurations that lead to inconsistencies and errors, resulting in additional rework, not to mention across environments (dev/test/production/private/public cloud), where the deployment process needs to be repeated.
  • Changes to databases, middleware, and application components, which can further compound the risk of human errors.
  • Traditional operating models that involve coordination between multiple teams, including the hand-off of tasks which consumes “time.”  As the organization grows, and you have to simultaneously process an explosive growth of requests, this can snowball quickly.

Our experts will show you how to accelerate the deployment of integrated, multi-tier applications by modernizing legacy processes and automating the delivery of several popular services.  This includes:

  • Installing, configuring, testing, and deploying databases, middleware, and other application components inside the infrastructure services
  • Creating Dev/Test/Production environments to facilitate the release process
  • Applying changes to applications continuously across dev, integration, test, release, staging, and production environments

Accelerate Application Deployment with VMW CMPIn short, the key is to standardize the software stack, by offering standardized databases, middleware, and application components.  Leveraging pre-built components and reusing application models across environments and clouds ensures consistency, reduced human errors, efficiency, and – of course – business agility.

With automation, IT teams can provision consistent environments as well as promote changes across dev/test/production environments, keeping multiple deployments in synch.  This approach can reduce application delivery time from weeks to days or even hours.  Because of this, many VMware customers with DevOps initiatives are looking to leverage their IaaS transformation to build an app-centric delivery model.  The result?  Reduced risk, greater efficiencies, and an agile business.

Join Us for “Automated Application Deployment” Webcast

Are you a Cloud Architect, CTO, Enterprise Architect, AppOps/DevOps, Developer, IT Manager/Director, VP/Director of Infrastructure or Applications?  On October 29th (Thu) 11AM PT / 2PM ET, join us for a webcast to find out how you can support very rapid and continuous deployment of applications with VMware Cloud Management Platform.  We will provide an overview and a demo of the recently announced vRealize Automation 7.0 to show you the power of automated application deployment.  Our Principal Architect will show you how to use the unified blueprint model and design canvas to help reduce time of app deployment.

By the end of the session, you will learn how to:

  • Continue your enterprise hybrid cloud journey, building on virtualization and private IaaS
  • Extend self-service provisioning from IaaS to application and middleware services
  • Deploy multi-tier applications with a unified blueprint model
  • Take one big step closer to unified hybrid cloud, DevOps, and continuous application delivery – enterprise-wide

Register for the Webcast

Click here to register for the webcast. Be sure to also visit us online at VMware vCloud Suite and vRealize Suite to learn more about how you can jump start your App and Infrastructure Delivery Automation initiative with VMware.

For a quick video overview of what’s new in vRealize Automation 7, watch this video:




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