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Working with vRealize Code Stream and vRealize Orchestrator

One of the most critical aspects of being able to implement new software is to be able to leverage existing tools in the market. Many companies use Orchestration tools like vRealize Orchestrator to create new workflows that automate those custom one-off tasks.  In this blog post we are going to explore how vRealize Code Stream works cooperatively vRealize Orchestrator.  vRealize Orchestrator is a powerful automation tool designed for system administrators and IT operations staff who must streamline tasks and remediation actions and integrate these functions with third-party IT operations software.

Code Stream - Jenkins Integration

Using vRealize Orchestrator with Code Stream

vRealize Orchestrator workflows can be invoked from various tasks within Code Stream pipelines.   Orchestrator allows customers to integrate with almost any software development, provisioning, or deployment tool, as well as storage, networking, security and many other management systems.  You can create custom workflows, invoke existing scripts, or leverage a library of VMware and partner developed Orchestrator workflows and plug-ins. They are available on the Cloud Management Marketplace of VMware’s Solutions Exchange.  The screen shot below contains an example of how to invoke a vRealize Orchestrator workflow from a Code Stream pipeline task.


In the following video, I’ll go over exactly how to configure a vRealize Orchestrator workflow to interact with vRealize Code Stream and then we will execute a pipeline to demonstrate how it all comes together.


Here are some additional resources to help you learn more about vRealize Code Stream and how it can help accelerate your company’s application release process while at the same time delivering higher quality applications.


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