vRealize Air Compliance drives security and compliance by automating the detection of non-compliant infrastructure against industry best practices and hardening guidelines – without manual effort or custom scripting.  Discover, measure and manage the compliance of your infrastructure in real-time, not monthly or quarterly.  vRealize Air Compliance is a low friction compliance engine with an event driven approach that leverages vCenter events, provides quick compliance assessment, trending, exceptions and alerting.


vrealize Air Compliance
vRealize Air Compliance Management overview screen

With pre-configured and customizable policies, vRealize Air Compliance can:

  • Automatically discover and pinpoint vulnerabilities within the configuration of your virtual infrastructure.
  • Provide visibility into who made non-compliant changes in real-time.
  • Assess infrastructure against a variety of out of the box security and regulatory policies (e.g, vSphere Hardening Guidelines, PCI, HIPAA and more).
  • Deliver centralized, real-time insight into the state of compliance through intuitive dashboards and reports.
  • Highlight the severity and risks of the virtual infrastructure configuration with dynamic and informative compliance badges.

Coalfire Testimonial on vRealize Air Compliance

See what VMware Partner CoalFire Systems has to say about vRealize Air Compliance and what it does for their customers:

You can sign up for the beta here: http://vrealizeair.vmware.com/compliance

About vRealize Air Compliance

VMware’s vRealize Air Compliance enables organizations to continuously monitor their virtual infrastructure for critical compliance and security issues. Its automated scanning capability provides real-time notification of non-compliant configuration changes across your customer’s infrastructure, enabling IT to take quick action.

IT organizations of all sizes are struggling to maintain configuration compliance of their virtual and cloud infrastructure. Generating compliance reports for security teams and auditors is often a manual and time-consuming exercise. Agile development and continuous delivery in the cloud are driving a faster rate of change which makes it harder for IT to keep up with configuration drift.

With vRealize Air Compliance, you can offer your customers the ability to automatically detect and assess non-complaint infrastructure in real-time with secure, real-time monitoring and change detection notifications.

Key Benefits

vRealize Air Compliance enables your customers to:

  • Secure the configuration of mission-critical virtual infrastructure
  • Prove compliance continuously
  • Reduce IT risk
  • Proactively address compliance changes in real-time and resolve issues immediately
  • Save time, resources and costs


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